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In this Meetup, we'll cover all things AWS for all levels of experience.

We'll share our good and bad experiences, best practices, lessons learned, and much more.

We'll explore all the services that AWS provides, from Aurora to Auto Scaling, Redshift to Route 53, EC2 to IoT, and more.

We'll discuss what it means to be cloud-native, what to do during a cloud migration, and how to go serverless.

Regardless of whether you're a newbie or AWS-certified expert, we hope you'll learn a lot from getting together with this group.

See you soon!

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Machine Learning using Apache Spark MLlib and Databricks

Thorn Technologies, LLC

At this meetup, Ahmed Ibrahim, Principal Architect at FINRA in assurance engineering, will lead a discussion on Machine Learning on AWS. In his role, Ahmed is responsible for the architecture of assurance processes for market surveillance projects. His work relates to big data analytics and machine learning based market manipulation detection. In his previous work, Ahmed architected solutions for enterprise systems for multiple international trade facilitation systems and national security systems. His interests include graph analysis and visual intelligence led investigation techniques. Ahmed received a B.Sc. in Electrical Computer Engineering in 2001. Here's a description of the discussion from Ahmed: ****************************************************************************** Join us for this step by step example led live demonstration of how to train machine learning models at scale using SPARK MLIB and Databricks. You can watch the demo, or follow along with your own laptop, or download the code and data later and try it at home. During this session we will write Scala code using Spark and MLIB Random Forest Classifiers to create your first ML model that runs against big data. If you don't know Scala or these frameworks, don't worry -- the examples are easy to follow, and you'll come away better prepared to do the same thing with the language and frameworks of your choice. Take away from the session: (a) code on GitHub having sample code in Scala implementing MLIB classifiers (b) code on GitHub that runs at scale within a Databricks Github Location: https://github.com/aosama/MachineLearningSamples It’s a Scala Maven project, so you can compile the code before the meetup via "mvn install". ****************************************************************************** Come and join in on the conversation and meet your fellow AWSers. As always, pizza and drinks will be provided for free by Thorn Tech! We will have a door prize of $500 in AWS credits, you just need to be here to get a raffle ticket. - Meetup image retrieved[masked] from https://yurongfan.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/introduction-of-a-big-data-machine-learning-tool-sparkml/

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Continuous Integration on AWS

Thorn Technologies, LLC

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