Hiring for Culture - A Special HR Event!


Starting from the hypothesis that purely skill-based recruitment is ineffective to build strong teams in complex and adaptive environments, the Business Agility Institute brought together a global team to examine the latest research and trends on recruitment. Learn what is means to hire for culture add, rather than culture fit. Learn how personal motivation plays into the selection process. Learn how to define and quantify your organizational culture. Learn some of the latest recruitment practices shown to improve hiring for culture.

The intended outcome is for all attendees to learn both what is possible and share what they are doing. Please extend invites to your respective HR departments as we hope to have many HR professionals join us for this event!

6:00-6:30 Social
6:30-6:45 Review BAI's "Hiring for Culture" report
6:45-7:45pm Lightning Talks (call for speakers!)
7:45-8:00pm Wrap-up and Close