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For those interested in the history, philosophy and wonder of science. Regardless of formal education and occupation, join this group if you have a burning curiosity about our world and would like to learn and interact with others like yourself!

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How Science Gets Done

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How do new scientific concepts get "discovered" and accepted? How are fallacies institutionalized and how some made a comeback as accepted theory! We'll discuss the surprising history of new ideas in Science. Participants may want to look at Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which once had been named the most influential book of our time!

How Low Can You Go? - The Search for Elementary Particles

One of the oldest areas of scientific inquiry has been the search for an elementary particle. First there were elements, then molecules, then atoms than protons, neutrons and electrons than quarks, bosons, leptons, and neutrinos ad infinitum. So "how low can we go?"

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Black Holes

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