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The aim of this group to foster an environment to make and sustain friendships. We, as organizers, hope to create a far-reaching community in Columbus where we can enjoy the city together in mutual camaraderie. This is a responsible, active, and healthy group of individuals and professionals who want to gain more from life and from Columbus. We host dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, tennis, paintball, disc golf, go-karting, flag football, softball, wiffle ball, and more on a regular basis. All sports are welcome! The goal is for these activities to be free or nearly free and not require a weekly commitment. Just show up and play! CSS desires to build a community with a high standard of ingenuity that is both interesting and active. We strive to build consistency with recurring events that allow space to learn more about our active group. Feel free to explore our site and get to know our members. Remember that we take fun seriously! Also, please introduce yourself; we love getting to know new people!

Note: THIS GROUP IS OPEN FOR ANYONE TO HOST THEIR OWN PICKUP GAME OR SOCIAL EVENT, JUST MESSAGE ANY ORGANIZER AND WE WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP GET YOU SET UP. I schedule some events revolving around my own interests but CSS isn't about me. If there is a sport or social event that you enjoy why not get it started. You'll quickly discover how satisfying it can be organizing events and bringing people of all walks of life together to participate in a sport or social event!

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Saturday Morning Flag Football @ Krumm Park! 🏈

840 Rarig Ave

Come play some free pickup flag football with CSS this fall at Krumm Park! **RULES ARE SIMPLE** We will aim to play 7v7, with 2 water breaks and a halftime. If we have more than 14 players there will be substitutions. Subs are regulated by Team Captains. Bring some cleats as the ground may be uneven or wet at times. NO tackling, NO down field blocking, NO flag guarding, & NO stiff arming. You will be penalized via Substitution or Ban. Rules are subject to change before, during and after any game. All players will be notified of any changes either on field or on Meetup. If you're unsure of any rules please ask sooner than later. This event is open to both guys & girls, with ANY skill level, for ages 19 & up. All flags, footballs, and cones are provided. Lastly, the intent of this meetup is to create a fun, social environment where people can get some exercise and enjoy the company of other players. Player Conduct: Zero tolerance of any unsportsmanlike conduct, including trash talk, verbal abuse and rough play. Offending players may be ejected from game. Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. ASSUMPTION OF RISK & WAIVER AND RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS: PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. BY JOINING THIS FLAG FOOTBALL MEETUP BY COLUMBUS SPORTS & SOCIAL, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS, DO NOT JOIN THIS FLAG FOOTBALL MEETUP EVENT. ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I fully understand the risks and dangers to me and others, from both expected and unexpected factors, due to participating in sports events and other activities organized by CSS. I am voluntarily participating in these events based upon my own judgment. I am not making this decision based upon the rules, equipment, facilities, and conditions provided by CSS. Therefore, I voluntarily assume any and all risks, including, but not limited to, injury (including death), loss, or damage to me and/or my property due to any and all causes regardless if it is or is not caused by the negligence of others. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS: I recognize and acknowledge that there is a risk of physical injury to participants in this activity, and I voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity or whether caused by the negligence of others, that I may sustain as a result. By signing up for and participating in this activity I am expressly assuming any and all risk and legal liability of participation, and I am waiving and releasing all claims for injuries (including death), any damages, or loss which I might sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with and associated with this activity, including, but not limited to injuries that occur during an event or activity and those that may occur while traveling to and from events or activities. I further agree to release and waive any right to sue CSS, its organizers, members, volunteers, other participants, sponsors, and advertisers. SEVERABILITY: If a provision of the Assumption of Risk or Waiver And Release Of All Claims is or becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement. BY JOINING THIS MEETUP EVENT, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ THE DISCLAIMER ABOVE AND WILL SIGN AN ACTUAL WAIVER BEFORE PARTAKING IN FLAG FOOTBALL.

Indoor Kickball/Matball (Tuesday Edition)

Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA

Matball is back in action every Tuesday this winter! You may remember playing it in gym class, but if not then you’ll become quickly addicted! You will now have a chance to experience the adrenaline pumping, high-run scoring, and round-the-base-action with CSS at the Ward YMCA in Bexley! In a nut shell, this game is a mix between kickball and baseball, but played indoors. And the rules are crazy different. For example, you can kick the ball off the walls, catch it off the ceiling, and even have an unlimited amount of players on each mat! How Long Is Each Session? We will organize indoor matball for 21 weeks, which will be broken into 3 different sessions: Session 1: November 24th - December 29th Session 2: January 5th - February 16th Session 3: February 23rd - April 6th How Much Is it? YMCA members can participate for no extra charge. Non-YMCA members can purchase an affordable program membership or just pay a $5 drop-in fee per visit. The cost is $25 per session ($40 for couples) or $60 per person for all three sessions. If non-YMCA members want to join the YMCA then they will have their joining fee waived. This is still relatively cheap and it helps cover the YMCA's operating costs. You can pay in cash at the front desk the first time you arrive. Spots will fill up quickly so its first come, first serve registration! As soon as registration is full, we will NOT be advertising this as a meetup event for the public so register/pay asap! In addition, a waiver will need completed when you attend your first time for each session. Please either complete this at the front desk or see me in the gym to sign one. Here’s the breakdown of the rules: Large floor mats will be placed a square formation. The pitcher will quickly roll the ball toward the kicker. The person up to bat will kick the ball and must make it to first or else they are out. There is no limit to how many players can be on each mat. Each acts independently of one another and players do not have to run every time the ball is kicked or hit. Outs are made when a fly ball is caught, when the kicked ball hits a ceiling light/ceiling, rafters, cable, or when a baserunner is tagged or pegged. No force plays, except for at first. Once a baserunner leaves base or even steps off of a base, they MAY NOT go back. They must run to the next mat & risk getting pegged. A run requires making it to home base to score a point. Once at home, a runner may go back into the kicking order or they may continue to run the bases to score again. There are SIX outs in an inning with 5 total innings before we start a new game over. Here's a short video to get an idea of the gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkxR0Xj0Tfc Rule sheets will be printed out to help with debates. If you have any questions until the day of the meetup, just comment below. Register/pay today before spots are full!

Pickup Soccer ⚽️

CHA Krumm Park/Adams Rec

Free pickup soccer?!?! Yes, please!! We are proud to announce and offer free organized pickup soccer sessions on Tuesday evenings! Age range is teenage to 40+. The goal is to have fun and play some competitive soccer. There are usually around 30 people that attend this weekly pickup soccer event. We play 6v6 for 7 minutes and winner stays on. Again, this event is completely FREE, so what do you have to lose?!? Shin guards optional. Wear tennis shoes or flat-bottom soccer shoes. No cleats. Bring a water bottle if you want to. If you have a ball, feel free to bring it. We play on a futsal court situated between the Adams Community Center and Krumm Park. There’s a parking lot right across Rarig Avenue. RSVP today!

Happy Volleyball Club (Indoors)

Location visible to members

All happy volleyball events have been cancelled until further notice! We officially have two nets up and the entire gym. This is our competitive night so we ask for player who have played on a league before or can do 3 hits each side. This is an indoor volleyball court. You must have appropriate sneakers for playing in the gym. This is open volleyball for YMCA so many players never sign up here. Even if you only see two people sign up please sign up and come anyway. We always have at least two teams of players each week. This is an open volleyball night for YMCA. It is free if you have a YMCA membership, if not then it is $10 as a guest fee or read below for the $25 monthly 🏐 pass for the YMCA. There is only one court so it is important to be on time to be able to play. If we have more than two teams then we alternate the third team to play the winner. We allow all levels of players and no one is turned away! Please leave your attitude at home and any bullies are not welcomed in the group. I am not sure if you already have a YMCA membership but I got this message today regarding volleyball. From the Director of the YMCA: Anyone who is not a member of the Y can now buy a monthly volleyball pass. Each month will be a different color and will be $25 per person. They will need to sign a guest form if they are not in the system already.They will need to bring there pass each time. This will allow them into the Y only for volleyball on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday during the month. There will be no more free guest passes if they come in just 1 time they will need to pay a $10 guest pass fee. They will purchase them at the front desk.

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