"404 Not Found: How the internet works (or doesn't)" Presented by Patrick Shuff

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We all use the internet every day – we send emails, binge watch our favorite shows, “Like” cat videos, and browse content from all over the world from our living rooms. But have you ever wondered how we got to this point? How did the internet begin? And what happens behind the scenes to make that movie magically show up on your screen when you press play?

In this talk, we’ll discover the origins of the internet, explore how it evolved over time, and learn how digital “goods” like our videos and emails are delivered directly to us in an instant. You will come away from this talk with some high-level knowledge of how the internet is built, why it sometimes breaks, and a better understanding (and hopefully appreciation!) of the world wide web that you interact with every day.

Patrick Shuff is the Chief Technology Officer at eFuse.gg, a Columbus-based startup dedicated to building a professional hub for esports and video games by helping gamers establish their digital gaming identity and connecting them with opportunities in the gaming industry. Prior to that, Patrick spent 6+ years in California working at Facebook as a Site Reliability Engineer across several infrastructure teams primarily focused on global content delivery systems. He then worked as a Senior Engineer at Netflix, helping deliver movies and TV shows to your screens. Patrick has been fortunate enough to work for two of the biggest websites in the world and is excited to share how it all works at the next Columbus Web Group meetup.

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