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The Community of Reason (COR) (https://www.communityofreason.org) was formed in January 2019 to partner with like-minded groups and to provide a network of support and opportunities to the non-religious in the area, including atheists, agnostics, humanists and skeptics.

The Community of Reason (COR): Atheists and Humanists of Ohio and Kentucky envisions a secular society that values science, reason, integrity, compassion and true equality for everyone.

Our mission is to create, mobilize and empower a thriving secular community to make a positive difference.

Integrity – incorporates honesty, truthfulness, transparency, accountability, dependability, decency, justice, sincerity, commitment, good judgement

Equality – incorporates acceptance, open-mindedness, fairness, equability, egalitarianism, nondiscrimination

Curiosity – incorporates continuous learning, challenging and questioning biases, critical thinking, evidence seeking, understanding

Compassion – incorporates empathy, service to others, patience, selflessness, self-care, protection, kindness

Upcoming events (5+)

Science On Tap - October - Wildlife & Habitat Conservation

Please note: we are not the hosts of this event. We are sharing it to our members so that they can attend, if interested. Please RSVP on the Facebook event of the organizers. https://www.facebook.com/events/726696474447759/

Dungeons and ...

709 Coachway Ct

Join us as we play games together, usually one or two games max. Anyone is welcome, we are happy to show you how to play. Dungeons And ... is a series of meetups where we will play different dungeon crawl games such as Descent, Nova Aetus, Massive Darkness, The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, Masmorra, etc. Also other games will be added as the interest strikes. And we will also dive into pen and paper with DnD 5th Edition.

Signs from Heathens: ASL Study Group

Location visible to members

Join us as we learn American Sign Language together! FINGERSPELLING We will be learning the alphabet and practicing fingerspelling. DESCRIPTIVE WORDS We will be reviewing adjectives and other descriptive words. NEW TO ASL No problem! Several of us are new beginners, we're learning together. WHY LEARN ASL Nearly 28 Million Americans have some form of hearing loss. Currently, a small percentage of those can only communicate via sign language, and are forced to stick within the deaf community. One great advantage of learning sign is expanding the social networking of those people, allowing them to further participate in society more easily. Other reasons to learn sign language: Become more expressive: Sign language is the key to create vivid and lasting imagery. Anyone who enjoys story telling, or making jokes can incorporate sign language to better captivate audiences. Pick up on body language: Given that sign language is a visual language, it's no surprise that you can also learn to better understand body language. Hold silent conversations with friends: Communicate in secret! Whether it be clubs, movie theaters or libraries, you don't need to whisper or yell to talk to your friends in sticky situations. Learning is fun!

Book Club:The Color of Law:A Forgotten Hist of How Our Govt Segregated America

Semi-Colon Club at the Harriet Beecher Stowe House Join me for this unique and inclusive Book Club. It's purpose to to look at issues of equality and oppression affecting us today. "The Harriet Beecher Stowe House Reading Series The Semi-Colon Club was a literary discussion group Harriet joined while living in Cincinnati. Our Semi-Colon Club discusses the issues that make up Harriet’s legacy--from the 19th century until the present day. ​Discussions begin Saturdays at noon and are led by Barbara Furr, HBSH Board Member and former Walnut Hills librarian. ​Open to the public. "

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