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23-5-2012 Devops Devops Devops & NLUUG: Alg. Ledenvergadering

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NLUUG: General Assembly (Algemene Ledenvergadering)


DevOps: The past and future are here. It's just not evenly distributed (yet).

We've come a long way since introducing new ideas in server automation and deployment, and also in creating a culture of collaboration between the traditional silos in organizations. But how does this impact the traditional sysadmin world? Are we all a DevOps now? Does a DevOps person = sysadmin 2.0? Will DevOps put us out of a job? I will give a brief overview of how culture, workflow, and behavior have evolved. After evaluating the past and the present, I will tallk about the future, identifying technical gaps in monitoring, packaging, and data collection and identifying emerging human, organizational evolutions.

About the speaker: Kris Buytaert is a longtime Linux and open source consultant. One of the instigators of the DevOps movement, he's currently working for Inuits. Kris is the co-author of Virtualization with Xen, used to be the maintainer of the openMosix HOWTO, and writes for various technical publications. He frequently speaks or organizes international conferences. He spends most of his time working on Linux clustering (high availability, scalability, and HPC), virtualization, and large infrastructure management projects--hence, trying to build infrastructures that can survive the 10th floor test, better known today as the cloud, while actively promoting the DevOps idea! His blog, Everything Is a Freaking DNS Problem, can be found at http://www.krisbuytae... (

18.00h Doors open, Coffee
18.30h NLUUG General Assembly (ALV)
19:30h Food & drinks 20:00h Start DevOps Presentation
21.30h Drinks & social networking
22:00h Doors close

NOTE: This event (NL: only the talk, not the NLUUG general Assembly) will (also) be webcasted on but is best experienced live at the Competa Conference Center.

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