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What we’re about

Competa organizes regular events at the conference center, with technical presentations that will be of interest to technical IT staff. The events are held in the evening to make it easy for people to attend, and food and drinks are provided for free. Recent presentations have included Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, JavaScript, Neural networks, Angular and React Native

Located at our offices in Rijswijk and easy to reach by car or public transport, the facilities are available for use by anyone with an interest related to the advancement of information technology. If you can give a presentation, or would like to hold a user group meeting or another event please contact us on 070 42 77 555 or email

To receive updates on further technical sessions please join the Competa Conferences Linkedin group.

Why does Competa do this? Technology matures through the community around it. Non-profit organizations, such as user groups and other community-based initiatives, play an important role in the development of technology. Competa actively and enthusiastically supports and sponsors community-based technology initiatives. We like to get involved in all aspects of technology, and we know that ideas developing in the community today will have useful applications in business tomorrow. Competa cares about technology.

A sneak-peak of our Tech Talks: