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How to find us

The meetup is on the 2cnd floor of Rynek 28 Coworking space. Please find the gate right next to the Vis à Vis Cafe, (same gate where the Harris Piano Jazz Bar is located), enter the gate, go straight to the end and get to the 2cnd floor.

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Let’s meet and learn on Zero-knowledge proofs, a method of proving that you possess some information without revealing it.

This time the topic will be explained by our guest expert: Ariel Gabizon (
Ariel is a professional in the field of applied mathematics in tech companies. After obtaining a PhD in Computer Science, Ariel conducted several years of post-doc research, followed by work on zero-knowledge protocol in Zcash company, now at Protocol Labs.

Some introductory from Computerphile might be helpful. Also, from business realm, Alessandro Chiesa speech during MIT Technology Review:

And because our group reaches to connections with Philosophy, we aim to follow up with discussion and listen to comments on the nature of knowledge.

The meetup will be lead by Marcin Stepien (
Agenda: Discuss, watch videos, plan the next meetings.
Goal: learn & have fun

Do you keep your favorite discovery, video, whitepaper or quote on the subject? Please, bring it to the meeting!