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Join us in a circle of equals to collectively presence what is emergent and possible in co-creating together the future of our dreams.

Conscious Evolution New England is an evolutionary New England hub with a vision to co-create a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and thriving world for the greatest and highest good of all. We host conscious evolutionary circles* as well as holistic presenters on holistic topics that evolve our consciousness.

Gather in circle, in heart resonance and as "frequency holders", to:

- evolve our consciousness

- join genius with genius

- help activate the "Wheel of Co-creation" by mapping, tracking, and connecting the golden innovators in every field (See http://www.consciousevolutionboston.org/Peace-Room.html)

- co-create a model New England Office For The Future evolutionary hub

- co-create Common Good Communities and the world of our dreams! (See https://commongood.earth)

*A Conscious Evolution Circle is a meditative path of gathering in circle, practicing present moment awareness, connecting and communing with “Source”/"Universal intelligence", presencing what is emergent and emerging, "the evolutionary impulse", sharing as moved, building and gaining revelations together, and co-creating a field of love, resonance, and inspiration - heart to heart, essence to essence.

The time is Now! We are the ones we have been waiting for!

To join us, become a member of this meet-up.

You could also contact Margaret at info@consciousevolutionboston.org .

“The foundation for a new earth is a new heaven – the awakened consciousness. The earth – external reality – is only its outer reflection.” "...awakening is the realization of Presence"..."awareness...beyond thinking." “It is not we who create, but universal intelligence that creates through us.” “(Our) primary purpose is now to enable consciousness to flow into what (we) do.” "Consciousness flows through (us) into the world. It flows into (our) thoughts and inspires them. It flows into what (we) do and guides and empowers it." “Feel yourself being an opening through which energy flows from the unmanifested Source of all life through you for the benefit of all.” - Eckhart Tolle

"Small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order." - Noble Laureate, Ilya Prigogine.


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Greetings! The following summarizes upcoming offerings: Community Gatherings/Macrobiotic Services/Special Services, Events and Communications. We look forward to your joining us and evolving with us! With love and gratitude for blessed community, Margaret, David, and Abigail *** 1.) David's Friday Community Dinners (and Take-Out) and holistic presentations at 7 p.m. For details on menus, presentations, and logistics, and/or to join our meet-up group, go to: http://www.meetup.com/Whole-Health-Dinners-Gatherings-and-Presentations We invite you to propose a holistic presentation! E-mail Margaret at [masked]. 2.) David's other services: - Take-Out - Ongoing (based on minimums) - Cooking Classes (Upon request.) - Shiatsu Massage and/or Ginger Compress: Deals with underlying energy imbalances and improves overall vitality. $75 per 1 hour session. $40 per 1/2 hour session. Contact David at (617)[masked] or [masked] for an appointment. For more information on David's Macrobiotic services, go to www.consciousevolutionboston.org (http://www.consciousevolutionboston.org/) for information on ways to join, be supported by, and co-create with the Conscious Evolution Boston Hub. In particular, we welcome you to provide ideas of what could be added to the Calendar and Peace Room pages, which identify events and resources that are evolutionary and emergent. Join us too in forming evolutionary hubs! 3.) Go to www.sageconsultingresource.com (http://www.sageconsultingresource.com/) for Margaret's financial consulting services*. 4.) Special Events/Offerings/Communications: a. The following site offers wonderful webinar programs and teachings to help evolve ourselves and our world: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/tsn/msa b. Also, check out the Peace Room page and Calendar page for meaningful events at www.consciousevolutionboston.org (http://www.consciousevolutionboston.org/) c. Maine Summer Retreats! For details, go to: http://www.davidsnieckus.com/Retreats.html Let us know if you have something special to post. *** David Snieckus empowers individuals to experience optimum health, well-being and happiness through the understanding and practical application of Macrobiotics, particularly as it applies to the proper selection, cooking and eating of healthy foods. He offers cooking classes, consultations, community meals and take-out. His vision is "every kitchen a wellness center" and one peaceful and healthy world. He is a graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute and has been practicing Macrobiotics since 1977. For more information, go to: www.davidsnieckus.com (http://www.davidsnieckus.com/) Margaret Arndt co-hosts and facilitates intentional community gatherings, is a holistic financial consultant* and life planner, and is interested in co-creating healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities. She is a certified "Agent of Conscious Evolution" (ACE) and has been on a spiritual and evolutionary path for several years. *www.sageconsultingresource.com (http://www.sageconsultingresource.com/). Disclosure: Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Sage Consulting, Inc. and Cambridge are not affiliated. Branch address: 99 Crescent Street, Newton, MA 02466. (617)[masked]. *** Feel free to pass this on to other kindred spirits.

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