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**Want to speak at one of our Meetups? Go to bit.ly/K8sMeetup** This group is for people interested in microservices, containers, Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm. Meet other Developers and Ops Engineers running containers in production. Hangout and discuss Dev tips, best practices, and interesting use cases. Show off cool work you've done. Discuss the implications, benefits and challenges of using Docker containers.

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Automate Deployment Cycles & Release with Confidence

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Join Ben Mathews and Jared Meeker from Vivint as they relive their past deployment pains and show you how Codefresh & Blue Matador helped make deployment & monitoring easy while increasing the speed and stability of their releases. Tune in to this live webinar to see how they... > Migrated from Virtual Machines to Kubernetes & improved deployment time from 3-4 hours to 5 minutes! > Moved from manual deployments and hand-coded YAML files to fully automated pipelines using Helm charts & Codefresh CI/CD > Used Blue Matador to automatically receive a curated set of proactive, automated alerts to monitor their Kubernetes clusters > Now manage over 8k pods on 100+ Kubernetes nodes

Logging Best Practices in the CI/CD Era

Online event

With the overabundance of log data available today, it’s easy to simply limit logging events. However, this pattern overlooks the latent value in your log data. To be proactive, rather than reactive. Utilizing their experience serving 1,500+ customers worldwide, Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix, will show you how to transform your logs into a treasure trove of opportunities for improving your CICD process and anticipating operational problems before they happen. See how to integrate Coralogix into your Codefresh pipeline & free your engineering team from monitoring & troubleshooting with more efficient logging.

Shifting Security Left with Prisma Cloud and Codefresh

Online event

The move to DevOps, high-frequency deployments and containerization has introduced two new asset classes along with the opportunities to significantly improve the security posture of applications throughout the CI/CD pipeline. These new assets are templates in order to deploy infrastructure and applications, defined as code. The second of these asset classes are the container images which contain the packages, code, and binaries for a specific application. However, more often than not security is an afterthought, bolted on and addressed at runtime. In this webinar, we are going to discuss and demonstrate the manner in which security teams can empower DevOps teams with the tools and capabilities to inject security into the CI/CD pipeline. We will specifically discuss the benefits of scanning Infrastructure as Code templates such as Terraform and AWS CFT, as well as container images and registries in the build and deploy phase to greatly improve the security posture of cloud native applications.

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Full Observability: From Push to Production

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