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"Why We Do What We Do" Tony Robbins' TEDTalk & Workshop- Part 2! Host: Michael Y
Friday, Sept. 21st from 6-8:30pm An Evening of Personal Development! T. Robbins’ “Why We Do What We Do” - . Excited for Part 2 of a fantastic community exploration we held in June; all are welcome to attend independent of attending the first! Because I recently saw Tony a few times last year and see tremendous value in exploring the fundamental/universal themes he raises in his TED Talk (12M+ views), we’ll watch it on a bigger screen and take our evening in an entirely new direction! In Part 1, we placed great emphasis on the "What's" (needs, positives and negatives in meeting them, values, etc.) in addition to discussing points in the TED Talk and hearing many personal shares from a multitude of perspectives (Part 1 link: This time around, we'll be exploring more of the larger picture (Why's, How's, When and Where's), looking into the human condition and key elements that play into our day-to-day. The Questions will include but are not limited to: - What experiences, focus points, and drivers led to and shape who you are today? - Key Determinants of Action and Inaction - Claim to Resources (Things vs. Traits) vs. Resourcefulness (Ability vs. Other) - Beliefs/Rationalizations - How we move closer to and away from our goals - How we arrive at "success" and "failure" and how we define them individually - Where/How Contribution plays a role (or several) in our lives personally and societally Location: WeWork NoMad, 27 East 28th St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY The event will span the entire 6-8:30pm time allotted to us by our gracious venue, WeWork, and will go like this: 6-6:10pm: Check-in, grab a seat, and greet your neighbors 6:10-6:30pm: Tony's TED Talk on Big Screen 6:30-8pm: Discussing the key questions above; collecting other related Q’s in case we have extra time 8-8:30pm: Closing take-aways, shares, and brief mingle before heading out to dinner 8:30pm: We’ll keep the warm energy going and “break bread” at the Bread & Butter, 303 5th Ave, Lower Floor, New York, NY (5 min. walk). Nice buffet and market with plenty of dinner/snack options. Look forward to meeting and seeing everybody soon!!! :-)

WeWork NoMad

27 East 28th Street (28th and Madison, northeast corner) · New York, NY

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