What we're about


Hundreds of New Yorkers coming together in small groups of neighbors

and fellow citizens to discuss topics of intensive interest…

Hosted at no cost and at convenient locations and times…

Aided by simple guiding principles…

Inspired by the city’s grand tradition of robust conversation…

Our vision is to inspire, organize, publicize, facilitate and celebrate a renaissance of healthy dialogue in New York City.

Our Mission:

1. Encourage and support interesting and important conversations among New Yorkers at the grass-roots level,

2. Establish simple, affordable, and sustainable infrastructure to foster such conversations throughout the city year-round.

3. Add to the worldwide image of New York as a metropolis where culture and intellect thrive among the people.

4. Organize the plethora of conversations happening in the city and have them listed in one central and easily-accessible spot.

5. Maintain conversations with a human face by discussing topics in-person, while also allowing for further discussion online.

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Upcoming events (5+)

FREE Workshop series – How to change your life – #3 The Connection Practice

Waiting for a rare event to change your life is a waste of time To enjoy a better life, you have to change the way you live. Creating change in your life is both simple and complicated. It is simple because you just have to do it. It is complicated because you ask yourself questions: -- Where to start? -- What to do? -- How to do it? -- What works? The solution is to implement incremental and consistent changes, that require less sacrifice and effort than a major adjustment. These little steps we take to improve our lives is what I call the Personal Practice This free lecture series will address three major aspects of Personal Development: Physical Practice -- To stay fit, you have to exercise and cut off the bad habits Ghost Chasing Practice -- To learn to know yourself, you have to have to do the introspection work Connection Practice -- To find peace, you have to stimulate the part of your brain that generates this feeling Each session is self-contained so you may attend as many or as little as you wish. The only requisite is an appetite for life and genuine curiosity. TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019 – PHYSICAL PRACTICE -- Principles of fitness and exercise -- How to create your fitness plan -- How to avoid injury (This is a lecture, no need to come in your gym clothes) TUESDAY, JULY 2, 2019 – GHOST CHASING PRACTICE -- Introduction to various introspection methods -- Find the roots of your habits and beliefs -- Create a more positive attitude TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 – CONNECTION PRACTICE -- Introduction to meditation and other practices -- Eliminate anger, anxiety, fear, or depression tendencies -- Create inner peace at will ----------------- o0o ----------------- Your host, Georges is the author of the Life Beginner's Manual, a practical guide to finding happiness, available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2EGCW3M0 His blog and newsletter are resources for those who want to upgrade their personal development. ----------------- o0o ----------------- Can't make it? loved it? Missed it? Download the FREE PDFs The principles of personal practice http://bit.ly/free-lbm-pdf-personal-practice 17 Meditation Hacks http://bit.ly/free-lbm-pdf-meditation-hacks ----------------- o0o ----------------- Great thanks to WeWork, who generously lend us the room for our informal gathering

Seminar - How to Make The Best Use of Your Brain (Host: Georges)

-- Did you like Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational? -- Malcolm Gladwell's Blink? -- Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow? Would you like to get a better grasp of advances in neurology, without the scientific complication? This seminar will introduce you to my Simplified Brain Theory, the best and most simple explanation there is about the functions of the brain. It is a clear description of the mind, based on the most prominent studies in neuroscience and psychology, without using medical or scientific jargon. You will get a clear idea of how the brain functions and how the human mind works -- What makes us truly happy -- Why humans have the notion of time -- Where emotions come from -- The difference between desire and love -- The tricks your own mind is using against you -- Why meditating is so important -- How to cultivate awareness -- How to optimize the use of your brain -- And more Can’t make it? Missed it? Loved it? Download the FREE PDF summary! http://bit.ly/lbm-free-pdf-how-the-mind-works

Free Workshop - Meditation for rational people

Ever wonder if rational people like yourself could bypass the mumbo-jumbo associated with spiritual practice and get to the point? How does that work and how do we make it happen? If so, this workshop is for you. Here is what coming up -- A brief introduction to the Simplified Brain Theory to understand what is going on -- How meditation works in the brain -- 17+ practical tips anyone can apply anywhere -- The 6 main meditation positions No previous experience required - Simply bring your thirst for knowledge and genuine curiosity. Looking forward to seeing you there Thank you Georges Cannot make it? Download the free PDF summary http://bit.ly/free-lbm-pdf-meditation-hacks

The Radiometric Revolution: John F. Marra on his book "Hot Carbon"

In "Hot Carbon: Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science," John F. Marra tells the story of the radioactive isotope used to date organic materials, with research applications ranging from archeology to oceanography to climatology. Marra weaves together the workings of the many disciplines that employ carbon-14 dating with gripping tales of the individuals who pioneered its possibilities, and describes the concrete applications of carbon-14 to the study of all the stuff of life on earth, from climate science’s understanding of change over time to his own work on oceanic photosynthesis with microscopic phytoplankton. His engaging narrative encompasses nuclear testing, the peopling of the Americas, elephant poaching, and the flax plants used for the linen in the Shroud of Turin. This will be a hybrid presentation, mixing slides with readings from the book! Copies of "Hot Carbon" will be available for purchase! John F. Marra is professor of earth and environmental sciences and director of the Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center at Brooklyn College. He was previously a research scientist and associate director of the Division of Biology and Paleoenvironment at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Brooklyn Commons features a wide selection of coffee, food, desserts, beer, and wine. http://thecommonsbrooklyn.org This is a co-listing of a New York City Skeptics event. https://www.meetup.com/The-NYCSkeptics-Meetup-Group/events/263018882/

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