What we're about

Hello! We're big fans of cooperative multiplayer video games that benefit from facetime. Many of us grew up playing Nintendo/SNES/Sega Genesis/PC games with our friends in the same room. There is quite a bit of nostalgia associated with playing old Konami games, side-scrolling games, Doom/Quake over the LAN, and modern indie games like Bombsquad. The purpose of this group is to capture that atmosphere in a relatively intimate environment. There will be an emphasis on indie and classic video games, but ultimately anything goes on any console or PC, and suggestions are encouraged. There will be at least two video game station setups available, with anywhere from 2-8 player games on each station, depending upon the participation on any given day.

The emphasis is on cooperative games (Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Bombsquad, etc.), but 2 versus 2 games can be fun as well (Hidden In Plain Sight, Towerfall, etc.). The general idea is to stay away from games where the only fun can be had is if all players are on the exact same footing. Of course that doesn't mean we won't periodically have Mario Kart battles with evenly matched players, because what is the point of guidelines if you don't break them periodically :)

We're maintaining a list of cooperative and fun games in general on the Pages (https://www.meetup.com/Cooperative-Video-Gamers/about) Button. Please add to the list by messaging us with your choice of games.

Bringing your own snacks/drinks is encouraged. The primary venue always has ample parking available. If you'd like to bring your pet with you, feel free.

To be courteous please change your RSVP to no even if you can't make it last minute so we can anticipate the total number of people accurately (this helps decide the game choices). Also although we absolutely welcome last minute RSVPs, it is more beneficial for the group if you have a strong chance of going to RSVP first and cancel later. Otherwise we might think there is zero interest for a night and cancel or move it.

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