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The collage meet-up is a space where we can experiment and expresses ourselves. We are going to be using our hands to cutting and paste while meeting likeminded people. It's all about having a relaxed time while creating, connecting through an interest for collage in a simple and creative way.

Let's get together to share time and space:

- We can appreciate each-others work, get inspired and learn more about the diverse possibilities of collage.

- We can set ourselves free from expected patterns of visual expression.

- We can develop a vocabulary to expand our understanding of color, texture, space, shapes, etc.

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CPH Collage - 14

Cafe Mellemrummet

CPH Collage welcomes experienced and novice enthusiasts alike.

The meetup lasts 2 full hours from 17:00 to 19:00 + optional glögg time

17:00 - 18:00 - We grab a drink or a snack, introduce ourselves and our first round is a relaxed freestyle collage to warm up. No restrictions, just start finding images and cut-cut-cut, then paste paste paste. Once we are somewhat ready to share we take 10 minutes to show each other our collages and appreciate the outcome and some quirky details.

18:00 - 19:00 - for our second round someone proposes some simple "trigger instructions", participants are free to follow them or not, we work for 40 mins and after we show our collages and appreciate the diversity of styles.

19:00 + After the session we have the option to extend it a bit to drink a warm glögg and if possible get food so we can hang out a bit more, as mentioned this is optional.

Everyone is free to do fewer or more collages as wished, the triggers and frameworks are only a reference. We dedicate some time to appreciate techniques, shapes, colours, textures to learn and get inspired by each other. Alongside we chat and relax.

These sessions are not a class but rather a community gathering. We try to nurture a friendly atmosphere and take care of each other.


The goal of the meetup is to experiment with collage - exploring different ways of creating images with the use of scissors and glue. When we meet we cut and paste together, learn new tricks, share our knowledge and experience with each other, socialize and meet new people!

Recently we are deciding to donate some collages for Mellerummet causes, if you wish to share, your collages can be displayed and sold in the café to collect money to fight for the climate, economic inequality, feminist leadership training and anti-discrimination, see more here ttps://www.ms.dk/stot



- Bring your tools - paper, scrapbook, scissors, cutter, glue, tape, magazines, books, etc. Have it at your side on the day.

- Buy your favourite drink and introduce yourself to the rest of the people, we are kind of an international mix of all ages.


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CPH Collage - 13 - Materials quest

Antikvaren på Elmegade

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