Bonding curves / Trustlines Network Deep-dive sessions

Ethereum and Web3 Copenhagen
Ethereum and Web3 Copenhagen
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IT University of Copenhagen

Rued Langgaards Vej 7 · København

How to find us

We'll be in room 3A-52 and 3A-54. They are on the 3rd floor of the building.

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We are hosting two great meetup sessions in parallel at ITU. The meetups will both start with a talk followed by a workshop. Afterwards we will have a joint networking session at Cafe Langebro for those interested in that.

Topic 1 is on curation markets, bonding curves and curated registers, where you learn the concepts and apply them during a workshop

Topic 2 is a technical workshop with Trustlines Network, where you learn how to become a validator on their new Proof of Stake Ethereum sidechain

Note, the participants can attend only one session as we are going deep into both topics.

Agenda for session 1: Curation Markets, Bonding Curves and Token Curated Registries

The study of crypto economics is fast gaining in popularity, and fundamental building blocks (aka primitives) are advancing on a weekly basis. This workshop is designed as a hands on crash course that aims to give you the conceptual understanding of core primitives, with the ultimate goal for you to design your own real-world crypto economic use case.

In this session we’ll get our hands dirty with crypto economic primitives such as Curation Markets, Bonding Curves and Token Curated Registries. To round things off, you will take everything you have learned and craft your own real-world crypto economic use case. If you have projects or ideas where crypto economics can be applied then you can suggest them as topics during the workshop and otherwise we will provide some topics for the participants to work on.

The talk will be given by a specialist in the field from Linum Labs live from Cape Town, while the Workshop will be hosted locally.

If you are new to Crypto Economics we recommend that you participate in this online event April 2nd at 7pm dk time, which will prepare you for the event:

Agenda for session 2: Trustlines Network - Trust relationships onto trustless infrastructure

The Trustlines Network targets the problem of fair access to money and is based on the original ripple idea: A network of credit lines that people create with each other. It's possible to pay anyone in the network by "Rippling" the payment through a path of trustlines while people only maintain balances with friends they have explicitly chosen to trust.

In this session we will:
- Learn the basic idea behind trustlines
- Look at the Trustlines blockchain: a minimal Proof-of-Stake Sidechain to Ethereum
- Have a Q&A with a remote Blockchain Dev from Trustlines
- Discuss the requirements and incentives of being a validator for the Trustlines blockchain