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Copenhagen Cocoa - Cross Nordic Edition✨

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Dear fellow Cocoa peeps. ✨

Long time no see. We know it has been rather quiet in the community during the past months of pandemic, but we hope you are all safe and sound.

The good news is that Xmas comes early this year as we are excited to invite you to our first remote Cocoa event.

Our very own community member Joachim Bondo has been busy organizing a speaker line up in celebration of Shortcut and Greener Pastures in Copenhagen merging with Shortcut in Norway.
This also means that this will be our first Cross Nordic event as CocoaHeads Oslo will join in on the fun as well.

The line-up includes special guest Chris Eidhof, who is kind enough to give a talk about the SwiftUI Layout System.
Two additional talks will be given by Shortcut staff in Copenhagen and Norway respectively.

A big thanks to Joachim Bondo for organizing and making this event happen 👏

The planned schedule is as follows:

18:00 Welcome

18:10 "Combine in Practice" by Shortcut Denmark

~18:50 "Introduction to Handoff" by Shortcut Norway

~19:30 "The SwiftUI Layout System" by Chris Eidhof

~20:20 Closing remarks

Looking forward to seeing you all!

We still don't know when it will be feasible to arrange Cocoa events in real life, but we can't wait to get back to mingling in person, eating together and enjoying informative talks face to face once again.

Until then - take good care of yourself, each other and stay safe. We will be back as soon as possible.

For those interested in checking out what our Norwegian counterparts are up to - check out:
Online event
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