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Having been in a number of hiking and backpacking groups since the dawn of the internet, I've seen groups fail, flounder or thrive for various reasons and plan on incorporating the best of what I've seen into this club while steering clear of the worst. This is a member driven group and all will be welcome and encouraged to post trips. Do you have a place that you'd like to go but don't want to do it alone? I find it more fun and safer when I go with others instead of by myself. No clue on how to a lead or are afraid of leading, send me a message and we'll go from there.

Backpackers of all ages, races, sexual orientation and nationalities are welcome. Please don't sign up for a trip unless you can handle it, know your limits since many trips are difficult. Beginner backpackers are welcome (I was one once) and beginner trips do get posted from time to time. Most trips that I "sleepsunderstars" post are remote and are less visited destinations. Don't think the destination will suck since you may never heard of it, I know of many hidden gems. Trips will mostly be in Arizona but as temperatures rise, so will the mileage to our destinations.

I keep this group small and remove zombie members. Its one of the ways I use to see if the group is growing. Once you've attended a backpack, you'll get promoted to event organizer and can post and lead trips if you'd like. Don't take it personal if I boot you for lack of participation. If you haven't visited the group meetup site in 6 months, I'll remove you but your always welcomed to join back up.

Now a personal message to all members; I pledge to the members to lead fairly, use good judgement when leading trips, be truthful, not allow any unwelcome harassment to any member and not to leave lost or injured people behind (it does happen). I'm not doing this to make money, I just want to have more backpacking friends! This group will never have a membership fee but instead a user fee, most likely $2-$5 per participant per night to fund the meetup fees. Cu on the trail!

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