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Just what meetup needs! Another Phoenix based backpacking group. As founder of this group I have been in a number of hiking and backpacking groups since the dawn of the internet. I've seen groups fail, flounder or thrive for various reasons and plan on incorporating the best of what I've seen into this club and steering clear of the worst. Beginner backpackers will always be welcome (I was one) however most trips will be geared to seasoned backpackers of all ages who like challenging trips to remote and less visited destinations. Trips will be in Arizona at first but as this club grows and temperatures rise, so will the mileage to our destinations. This will not solely be a backpacking group, day hikes will also be posted as will special events. Well behaved dogs are welcome. I pledge to all members to lead fairly, use good judgement, not allow any unwelcome harassment and eventually I would like to have others on board to steer and guide this club for years to come. I plan on not having a membership fee but instead a user fee, most likely a modest $1-$2 per participant per night to only fund the meetup fee. Cu on the trail!

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RESCHEDULED! 4th of July weekend in the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico

Due to deep snow in the intended area of travel, I had to push this trip back. Instead of snow, we may have to deal with the start of the monsoon. I put safety first so this itinerary is subject to change if T-Storms are active. If that's the case then we'd stay low and explore the terrain under the tree line. This trip will take place over 5 days since there's a bunch of driving involved but worth it. The plan is to get together on Wednesday sometime andstart the 8-10 hour drive to the Jacks Creek TH located at the end of NM63 north of Cowles. I'm hoping that we'll hit the trail upon arrival the next day and hike in 6.6 miles to Beatty's cabin (9500'). That should take us 4-5 hours to reach, lungs permitting. If not, we'd go in a few miles until we found a good camp spot. Day 2: Make it to Truchas Lakes (11870'). There will be some elevation to hike up. I've found three trails of various lengths to reach the lakes (6.2,7.2 and 10.2 miles). We'll decide which one that morning. Shorter doesn't mean easier, just steeper! Day 3: Will be a short day of 5.3 miles to reach Pecos Baldy Lake (11500'ish). This will be a good day to explore the high country and bag a peak or two. The following day we'll descend back to Jacks Creek TH (6.6 miles) and head home. I'm not a professional guide but do have 100's of nights of experience out backpacking. I've created this gang since I enjoy getting to know fellow backpackers and reconnecting with ones that I haven't seen in some time. Most of the places I venture to are remote with help being many hours, sometimes days away. When you attend my trips you acknowledge that you are responsible for yourself and bad things can happen. However I intend on using good judgement when leading and watching out for all. I may not be with you at all times but in the event something bad happens, I will attempt to get help ASAP and/or help you get out. I expect the same in return. I watch your back, you watch mine.

Mt. San Jacinto via the aerial tram in Cali., EASY backpack!!!

Hey everyone, how about an easy and memorable trip to beat the heat? Mt. San Jacinto is just west of Palm Springs and one BMF mountain. It rises 2 miles from the desert floor to the peak!!! Hardcore hikers hike over 10000' of total elevation (AEG) to bag this peak but there's a much easier way, an aerial tram. On this groups discussion board, I asked to find out if there is any interest in this trip. I have 9 permits, 4+1 said yes and I make 6. That doesn't leave many spots but IF this trip fills up and there is interest, I'll post it again. Let me know, send me a message. The tram doesn't get you to the top but it shaves off about 8000' of the climb. What's really cool is after the tram drops you off, your in a state park that has a backpackers CG a little over 2 miles away. Its an easy backpack to the CG but there is some elevation gain. Water is usually available at the CG (9100') so I carry beer instead. From the CG its about a 7 mile R/T hike to the summit hut near San Jacinto Peak with about 2000' of AEG. If you choose not to venture off to the peak its fine with me. You could just hang out at the CG which doesn't have the typical CG feel, the spaces are spread out. Another option would be to hike back to the tram station (8516'), there's a restaurant and bar! They do have a website; pstramway.com Check out the menu's. You'd have to backtrack after setting up at our CG spot. The CG is in a large area and you probably wouldn't find us if we don't hike in as a group. There are a few rules to the park with the biggest being no dogs allowed or campfires. This is somewhat of an expensive trip. Its a 5 "ish" hour drive from the Phoenix area and I HIGHLY recommend staying in Palm Springs the night before. I'd like to split the cost of my room and don't worry, I'm not to weird so let me know if your interested. The cost of the tram is an additional $26 with overnight parking at the tram station another $8. I'm not sure if those prices include taxes but since this is in Cali., figure not. On top of those costs there's a $6 permit fee with $5 going to the permit cost and $1 to help me pay for the meetup fee. This will be a fun trip and I bet the memory of the tram ride will last a lifetime so don't be shy and sign up! For those signing up I'll send you my palpal info.

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