Monthly Free Reiki Session- Well Being Wednesday


Hosted by Spirit of Tiphereth every last Wednesday of the month.

We invite you to join us for this free once a month event (every last wednsday) in honor of Reiki. This event is about bringing awareness on the healing power of Reiki. Feel free to ask questions about Reiki. Everyone is welcome to come and experience a free 20 minute session. All who are interested we ask to please call at[masked] to setup an appointment as time slots will fill up quick. Walk-ins are welcomed.

What is Reiki? Reiki (Rei = Divine) (ki = spirit, force) is a universal life force that exists in all living things, it is what gives us life on a daily basis. It is equated to Prana in Hindi, Mana to the indigenous Hawaiians, Chi in the Chinese traditions, Ruach in Judaism, the Holy Spirit in Christianity, and as you already know ki in the Japanese traditions.

A Reiki practitioner, is one who has been attuned by a Master in one of the few known Reiki traditions, and is able to Channel this Divine energy into a recipient to help promote, not only physical healing, but also healing on the Emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. During the session light touching maybe involved, but for the most part the Practitioner hover his hands above the body, “sensing” where the Reiki may need applying. As the energy is being channeled the recipient may feel warmth coming from the Practitioner's hand, or even electric like impulses at or near where the Practitioner's hands are placed. It's not uncommon for the Recipient to “feel” energy moving around there body, or thoughts and emotions not known before to come up during the session.