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Meet the Spectrophotometers!

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Counter Culture Labs, at the Omni Commons

4799 Shattuck Avenue · Oakland, CA

How to find us

If the front door is locked, ring the doorbell top right, or dial "CCL" on the payphone next to the door.

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Spectrophotometry is one of the most useful tools we have to determine the composition of a sample. They are used in every single project we do in the wetlab - from measuring DNA content after a polymerase chain reaction or plasmid prep, to estimating the cell count of a liquid culture, or measuring the UV absorption spectrum of our BioSunBlock compounds.

Each chemical compound absorbs light at specific wavelengths; its "color", essentially. By measuring the spectrum of wavelengths that are absorbed by a liquid mixture - from ultraviolet all the way to the near infrared - we can figure out what is in the mixture, and at what concentration.

We have multiple "specs" in the lab, and we've been getting them sorted out, calibrated and outfitted properly. We will have some of our best equipment experts at hand to show YOU how to make the most out of these essential machines.

Want to learn all about OD600, 260/280nm RNA/DNA measurement, quartz vs plastic cuvettes? We strongly recommend you take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn some highly valuable lab skills...