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Protein Modelling, Lecture 2

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In this lecture we will continue making progress in the setup of the software environment so that you can run the tutorials. I will try to sit down with each of you and help you troubleshoot any issues you might have.

We will finish the demo from last week, and I will bring a couple of tutorials on string manipulation, numpy(numerical stuff) and pandas(dataframes) with python using the programming environment Spyder. Python is really an amazing tool because it allows you to do advance stuff with only a few lines of code... the only thing you might not do with python is to import an anti-gravity routine. Sorry ;)

We are still stretching our wings. We are still working on the basic skills and tools to model proteins. We are making great progress by focusing on the essential, and we will be up and running in a few weeks, something that can take months or years for new graduate students to figure out on their own in labs with all the boring theory classes that are not always relevant, qualifiers, lab rotations, politics, egos, research and tests. I am really cutting all that fat, and give you just the practical stuff (I recommend the PhD comic strip to get a feel of the lives of piled higher and deeper) . As you know more stuff, you will grow curious about the theory, and seek it out on your own. That is the self motivation I hope to encourage, and that hopefully makes this class enjoyable.

I am glad to have you on board, and I am sure that you could call yourself a bio-hacker very soon.

If you missed the first lecture. It is not too late to join. I will help you catch up and point you to the tutorials.
Counter Culture Labs, at the Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Avenue · Oakland, CA
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