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Definition of Crazy Town: Living in a state of craziness or strangeness.

Mission Statement: To create a meet-up experience that is alternative to many of the existing groups today. This will be a safe environment to let your hair down that is inclusive of all ages and lifestyles.

Do you find your life is surreal? Do you wanna get away but can’t afford Southwest? Do you want a ticket on the train leaving from Crazy Town? Well, we are your people. We are composed of individualistic people who just want to have a good time and escape the Crazy Town that their lives are currently marinating in (but not like in a good tasty way like BBQ). We all have rough patches like a break-up, bad job, financial stress, no rad friends or whatever. Our aim here is to allow everyone to get away from the bullshit that their lives have become and to get out of the self-wallowing spiral to have a great time. This is a democratic group who welcomes creative ideas and activities.


Be cool.

Show up if you say you are coming.

Don’t bring anyone else down with your crazy.

Activity Ideas We Are Kicking Around (but not set in stone by any means): Movies, Hikes, Bowling, Rafting, Miniature Golf, Roller Skating, Camping, Eating

Disclaimer: This is not a cult… yet.

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Zoom Panama Potluck Booking Party: Trip July 31st-August 7th

Online event

Let's do this Crazy Town! There are 24 members booked and oh soo ready to go. Come hop on a plane with us and let’s go enjoy life for 7 Days and 6 Nights at the beautiful Riu Playa Blanca beach resort. The dates of the trip are from July 31st through August 7th. The cost for a single occupancy is $1816 and for double occupancy $1389 per person (fees subject to change and based on availability). If you happen to stay for less days but within the same time period the cost will be less expensive. Also if you want a roommate I will try to do match ups on the day of the booking. The cost will cover airfare, transfers, beach hotel at the Riu Playa Blanca beach resort, daily activities, nightly entertainment, all meals, snacks, alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks. At a additional cost there are many fun things to do in Panama. Some examples are boating, visiting the Embere indigenous village in the rain forest, canoeing on the Chagres river, checking out the monkey jungle, horseback riding, parasailing, hiking, taking a tour of the Panama Canal, kite surfing, shopping in Panama city, bike riding and ohh so much more! If your wish is to simply stay at the resort to relax and rejuvenate you can do that too. At the booking party you will put a $200 credit card deposit down and pay the rest 30 days before you go on the trip.

Our plane leaves on July 31st at 11:55AM. We will get into Atlanta at 7:21PM. This is a 4 hour trip. We will stay overnight in Atlanta. Then leave Atlanta at 9:45AM in the morning and arrive in Panama at 12:56PM. A complimentary shuttle will pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel.

On August 7th we will leave Panama at 8AM. We will get into LA at 12:49PM. There is an 1.5 hour layover. We will leave LA at 2:25PM and get into Sac town at 3:49PM.

If you are unable to attend this booking party let me know so I can let you know how you can book and get the group discount. I will provide the Zoom address to the booking party a few days before the event.

As far as COVID the only requirement at this time is to get tested 24 hours before we fly back to the United States. At this time we can be tested for free at the resort. Your not required to be vaccinated to go on this trip however you need to be tested 72 hours prior to traveling to Panama. If your vaccinated you must bring proof of the vaccination.

Meet up groups Sacramento Singles Adventures, Bucket of Adventures and Sacramento Singles will be attending.

Let me know if you have any questions. Don't delay live life today.

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