What we're about

Definition of Crazy Town: Living in a state of craziness or strangeness.

Mission Statement: To create a meet-up experience that is alternative to many of the existing groups today. This will be a safe environment to let your hair down that is inclusive of all ages and lifestyles.

Do you find your life is surreal? Do you wanna get away but can’t afford Southwest? Do you want a ticket on the train leaving from Crazy Town? Well, we are your people. We are composed of individualistic people who just want to have a good time and escape the Crazy Town that their lives are currently marinating in (but not like in a good tasty way like BBQ). We all have rough patches like a break-up, bad job, financial stress, no rad friends or whatever. Our aim here is to allow everyone to get away from the bullshit that their lives have become and to get out of the self-wallowing spiral to have a great time. This is a democratic group who welcomes creative ideas and activities.


Be cool.

Show up if you say you are coming.

Don’t bring anyone else down with your crazy.

Activity Ideas We Are Kicking Around (but not set in stone by any means): Movies, Hikes, Bowling, Rafting, Miniature Golf, Roller Skating, Camping, Eating

Disclaimer: This is not a cult… yet.

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