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Hello Forward Thinkers!

For those who are not aware of this volunteer opportunity (which has been on the news lately), read the bottom section for the background. Much of the info is relevant to summertime but us hardcore volunteers will be going early-in bad weather :-)

Don't worry if you cannot stay for the whole time.. Jas the owner is happy even for 20 minutes of help! Some people will want to stay longer and that's ok too.

Also, he is able to accommodate you if you have limitations. For example, a fellow organizer cannot squat because of his bad knee. There will be different jobs for different people.

You will want to wear outdoor gear and footwear for getting wet and muddy. You can bring yard gloves although there will probably be used ones available.

Will be lots of fun!

Viral DL

One of our members told me about this: here is his story-
"I heard about this amazing volunteer opportunity (via 102.7 PeakFM) and went straight out the door to contribute (-took transit there).
Watch this very brief video:
(they've been on the news (Global, CTV, etc) several times this week)
God's Little Acre Farm[masked] Avenue, Surrey
The farm (which gives 90% of its crop directly to local food banks) welcomes volunteers throughout the week, though Saturdays seem most popular. You can work for a few hours (or whatever you can spare) between, for example, 10am-4pm. There's no paperwork or orientation required, they just set you straight to working the farm.

I expected to find 2-3 dozen volunteers at the farm, but there were[masked] enthusiastic volunteer workers (of all ages) spread across its sprawling 40 acres. The woman with whom you see me pictured (attached) was hard at work with the rest of us and, though she spoke no English (-just Farsi), she found ways to express her immense joy in playing a part in such rewarding community spirit.
Quite a few parents had their children along with them and there were plenty of activities (and concepts, and neighbors) to keep them busy (let them get their hands dirty).

The work (weeding rows of cucumbers, harvesting huge zucchini. picking corn...) is generally easy (and fun) but steady -nearly endless. By surprise, in the early afternoon, an Indian Temple had sent volunteers to provide us with a delicious (vegetarian) lunch and hot aromatic chai!

The farm also encourages you, whenever you need to leave, to go ahead and take home an armful of ingredients (carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn). I left the farm with a big smile, a warmed heart, and 2 gigantic zucchini (one I gifted on my journey home, and the other is going into the slow cooker for a nutritious soup).
I think I might take David and Daniel there next Saturday. In any case, I will return!"

God's Little Acre Farm- (

Please (consider helping and)... share this/their info