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We will learn a bit about a few sets of "rules" that purport to make us better people (10 Commandments, etc.) and then we will evaluate them: What is the focus of each set? What behaviors do they encourage and discourage? And, here's the challenge: can we - a group of well-intentioned, but still very different people - do better? Most of our time will be spent on table work and sharing the results, so come prepared to think about your "rules," past and present and what you would propose for us all.

Beth Soltis has no particular credentials for this topic; she is just an aspiring Critical Thinker like you...
Professionally, an MBA, CPA, with experience in public accounting, government, industry, teaching and consulting, she is now an XBRL Consultant for Merrill Corporation in St. Paul. (Translation: analytical AND flexible)
Personally, an avid reader, Master Gardener, lover of learning and of the outdoors, proudest of being a good wife, mother and friend. A naturally happy, positive person, she believes people are basically good and we should all try to be better.