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Crystal Bowls & Singing Plants Sound Bath
Boost Your Immune System and Improve Your Health With the Powerful Sounds of Healing as the Medicinal Songs of Nature's Natural Healers Penetrate the cells of your body. While the Soothing Vibrations of the Crystal Bowls Envelope your Body, Mind and Spirit and Raise your Physical, Emotional and Mental Frequencies To a level that Enhances your Health and Wellness! Destress, Refocus and Manifest your desires by using the healing sound and frequencies of the Crystal Bowls and the Singing Plants. Healing Benefits of Crystal Bowl and Singing Plants Sound Bath: • Reduces Stress, Pain and Anxiety • Promotes Deep Relaxation • Improves Concentration • Increases Creativity • Stimulates the Immune System • Increases Energy, Intuition and Motivation Activate the crystalline structure in your DNA and Pineal Gland and Strengthen Your Immune System with the Crystal Bowls and Singing Plants Bring water and a blanket, pillow or mat to lay on. Purchase tickets at

Unity Temple of Denver

1555 Race St · Denver

Respond by: 9/21/2018

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Crystal Bowls and Singing Plants Healing Meditation used to be called Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditations Group. The name has been changed to add the magical healing songs of the singing plants to the meditation experience. The combination of the magnificent sound healing of the resonant crystal bowls while experiencing the magical songs of the singing plants creates a unique healing meditative journey like no other.

We are very excited to bring you the crystal bowls to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. The bowls are pure crystal and tuned to specific frequencies and chakras to enhance the meditators experience and take you deeper into meditation. Most ancient cultures used the magical power of sound to heal and bring the body back into resonant balance. Regardless of your level of meditation practice the crystal bowls will assist you in reducing stress, anxiety and pain; promote happiness, peace of mind and help you in discovering your life-purpose.

The singing plants is a one of a kind unique experience using modern day biofeedback technology to tap into the resonant frequency of plants. This technology gives the plants a voice and allows them to share their unique healing song with those who listen and meditate with with them. Every time someone listens and connects with the plants through meditation while they are singing their song, a very deep and spiritual connection take place. A door opens within them that inspires the magic, mystery and spiritual oneness of life.

Come and learn to open up to your deeper wiser self while resonating with the healing sounds of the crystal bowls and the singing plants. Regardless of your level of meditation practice you will be able to experience a richer grounding, healing and/or connection to your higher source. Meditators of all levels are welcome and able to enjoy this meditative experience. Feel free to bring a blanket and pillow for the meditation portion of the program. Chairs will be provided if you prefer to sit.

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