What we're about

• Do you fear rejection or criticism?

• Do you suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence?

• Are you single or isolated because you avoid situations that make you nervous?

If you're ready to cultivate the courage needed to build meaningful relationships and achieve your career goals, join us!

Our workshops and groups are right for you if you:

• Struggle with social or dating anxiety

• Get nervous and awkward interacting with people you want to impress

• Doubt you can get what you want in life, love, and work

• Feel inadequate or inferior

• Struggle to express what you really want

• Blush, sweat, tremble, or go blank in social and dating situation

• Tend to isolate yourself and struggle to build relationships

• Get paralyzed by overanalysis and perfectionism

The #1 symptom of anxiety is avoidance. This creates a vicious cycle -- the more you avoid, the less you feel confident to face your fears skillfully. The antidote? Slowly but surely expand your comfort zone.

Join highly trained therapists and like-minded peers to learn evidence-based techniques for overcoming anxiety such as mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy including exposure therapy, and social skills training. Our experts also utilize creative, experiential methods such as theater improv and other expressive arts to gently move you out of your head and into action.

We design our workshops with a keen eye towards best practices in treating anxiety, offering varying degrees of structure, challenge, and interaction that promote growth and healing. All activities are voluntary and participants are encouraged to choose a level of participation that meets their needs and goals.

This group is run by the Engle Center and its specialty clinics, Social Anxiety Support Center and Bay Area Dating Coach. Learn more and get a free 30-minute consultation at englecenter.com.

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