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We're back down in the South Bay! It'll be the same arrangement as the first meetup down here.

We'll have presentations on:

• Julian Arnold (AKA Perpetual Intern of the Month, @broadcrap (
A discussion on creating a simple SDR Doppler RADAR, OR decoding WiFi[masked]a packets - which one will he choose!?

• Derek Kozel (@derekkozel (

"Digital modulation schemes such as Phase Shift Keying (PSK) convert data bits to analog signals for transmission. This mapping is known as a constellation. For simple schemes, optimal constellations can be calculated, but for higher-order modulation schemes with more points, it becomes very difficult to mathematically determine an optimal constellation. Evolutionary algorithms provide a simple and pragmatic way to find good answers without advanced knowledge of communications theory. This talk shows a start-to-finish implementation, including an introduction to digital signals and evolutionary algorithms."

• Alex Ray (@machinaut ( & Team Lunarnaut (

"We'll be talking about some of the radios, antennas and protocols we're working on as part of the just-started NASA Cube Quest Challenge (, a competition to get high data rates to small satellites far away from the Earth.

Our team is still in the very early stages, but we've been building and testing antennas, as well as experimenting with modulation schemes. Along those lines, SDRs are great for out needs because we can be extremely flexible with protocols, bands, antennas, and more!

We'll show off what we've been working on so far, and can talk about what we plan on doing next."

See you there!