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At the very last moment I found a new organizer who is going to take the lead instead of me!

Dear CZexplorers, my friends,

This is very hard for me to say, but unfortunately there is no other way anymore. Due to my long-term and unremitting personal issues that have always been following me in Prague, I've decided to try to live a different style of life, and I'm leaving Prague. To keep it simple, I will be somewhere around the world.

If there is someone out there who would like to take over the lead to keep the whole group alive, please let me know before 5th March, I will be more than happy to pass it on. Otherwise the group will be closed and deleted after 7th March 2019.

It was very nice to meet you all. I've had lots of fun with you and it was always my pleasure to show you more of the beautiful Czech country. If you need more tips or inspiration, feel free to contact me in the future.

I heartily wish everyone success in their life, many fulfilled wishes, but most importantly inner peace and happiness.

Good luck, be safe!



Are you getting tired of drinking Czech beer and metting the same people over and over again? Then join a group of people that like to move their butts a bit, and get out of the city to less known, yet interesting places, while meeting new people and having fun!

Czexplorers is a group for anyone interested in exploring beauties of Czechia, discovering new places and trying various kinds of things, while meeting, getting to know and making international friends.

I organize various kinds of events that contain hikes, trips, strolls around Prague and all around the county, very often to new, less touristy and less known places; excursions and trips to interesting places; experiences and others, where fun, adventures, or at least a nice experience is guaranteed.

Everyone who may find any of the events interesting is welcome to join, including people hesitating to come alone. At any event, there is always enough room to meet new people and make friends, and practice your English (or other language if you wish).
I look forward to adventures and fun with you!

To get some encouragement, please visit and feel free to join my Facebook group, and see some photos from the past events.

You can also support me by visiting and liking my Travel blog, where you can get to know more about recommended places and other events I organize.

See you around!


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