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DC Gaming Group is bringing the arcade into the 21st century! Welcome to DCGG Arcade Nights! During the DCGG Arcade operating hours, come bring your games and find a community of gamers looking to games with each other. You, as a guest, can announce what game you'd like to play in our Arcade Discord, other members who would like to play will find you. Not unlike going to an arcade and selecting whichever cabinet you want, and you can all play games together. You can play one game for a while then jump to another and you will always have people to play with!
We will be hosting voice chat on our Discord server. Join our Discord by using the following link! (https://discord.gg/vuefymS) We can try to make sure some games are always available based on your feedback on this survey (http://bit.ly/DCGGArcadeSurvey), so please come and visit the newest, and best, arcade often!

What you need to join:
- An account and access to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/dCACehYDta
- (Possibly) A copy of the game you would like to play
- Whatever system-specific pass you need for online multiplayer (PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Live)

Not yet a member of DCGG? We are a community of mature adults who foster discovery, diversity, and inclusion. Join us for the games, and stick around for discussions, news, and our low-key hangouts! Currently our community thrives on Discord, where members post and discuss various gaming topics, and will often get together to play video games throughout the week outside of our main public events.
If you want to learn more about us and our community, check out our website at https://dcgg.gg.
Disclaimer and Community Code of Conduct:
The DC Gaming Group’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive space for participants. To learn more about our code of conduct you can read more at https://www.dcgg.gg/code-of-conduct. We may record events for promotional material.
Please be courteous and respectful. We are a group of people of various backgrounds, beliefs, and sensibilities. We ask that you do not make personal insults, racist remarks, graphic sexual depictions, or other inflammatory content that you wouldn’t share with your mother, our mothers, or Tom Hanks’ mother. Play nice and have fun!