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The common misconception about being a sales professional is that identifying prospects to close deals is an all-inclusive process. Well, the skills involved in finding a lead don't apply to closing a deal.

To further introduce myself, my name is Henry Hunter. I started off my career as a salesman, I sold encyclopedias, telecom, Internet, software, and professional services.

My biggest challenge was figuring out who to talk to for a sales meeting. There were no tools to solve the overlooked obstacles I faced during my daily routine of sales prospecting. So, I wasted hours every week. ​

Everyone I worked with had the exact same problem. There are millions of businesspeople in the country who experience this problem. To overcome the obstacles of getting a sales meeting, I teamed up with other sellers who sold a different solution to the same company prospect.

Because of that, I created a company named Incidr /in●sidər/. Incidr is a web app that connects sellers who target the same type of customers to make getting a sales meeting easier.

I started this meetup to bring together people with different skill levels who care about improving their sales prospecting skills.

Attend this meetup to connect with people at other companies working on the same sales challenge as you. Share insights about how to navigate your way through a company to make the right connections.

Your Organizer,

Henry Hunter


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