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Responsible people that know how to have a great time. Business professionals, whether single, married, or dont know enjoy going out every now and then to cut loose. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Police Officers, Small Business owners, etc. This Meet up is developing to provide opportunities where professional can visit local venues to dance, sing, play pool, game shows and talk about hot topics in our community. We will visit a variety of venues in the area if they meet certain ethic and moral standards. Sexy, Classy, Cool. I am still working on a place where you will have access to responsible child care for date nights. In some cases families will be invited. So bring you kids and show them how to party the right way when they have a night out. I love to dance with my kids, helping them understand you don't have to be wasted to have a great time. Of course I embarrass them a lot.

As I am connected to different organizations, I will be careful in posting events that do not meet the standards of this group. I look forward to meeting up with you.

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