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Workshop: Onboard Android Sensor Access

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“Code Workshop: Android Device Onboard Sensor Access”

Most contemporary Android devices have one or more sensors, such as motion, humidity, and light sensors. The July session was a presentation format. This session will be hands-on where you bring a laptop and Android device and step through the same. We will step through the following:

  1. Setting up an activity to display sensor values

  2. Enumerating onboard sensors

  3. Retrieving sensor values

  4. Displaying sensor values

In order to have the best odds of making it through all of the steps, you should be familiar with classes/objects/properties and conditional statements.

You'll need a laptop, recent Android device, and the USB connector cable. You should install Android Studio and have installed the driver for your Android device, which you'll normally find by searching on "your phone model drivers". You should also know the version of Android on your device.


Stacy Devino ( - Android Innovator at The Home Depot

Leroy Levin ( - Mobile app developer

John Lindsay ( - Novice Android developer


6:00 - 6:30 Check-In, Networking, Android Studio & SKD, and driver install

6:30 - 8:00 Workshop

8:00 - 8:15 Q&A

@dfwsensortech (

1825 Monetary Lane, Suite 104 · Carrollton, TX
20 spots left