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We're a group that focuses on design best practices for data visualizations, presentations, and infographics. DFW Data Visualization is a professional group that meets regularly to discuss data visualization, data communication, infographics, data analysis, charts and graphs, visual marketing, and more! We want to interact and learn from designers, marketers, and experts that are willing to share their work, discuss case studies, provide insights, and discover data visualization tools. Join us to learn how to communicate more effectively with data visualization and design.

Check out videos of prior events on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYV_TFt-V3iI1QpKodEvDBpHD53kxXBKD

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Bridging the code-click gap with low code data visualization

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Our July event will feature a talk from Senior Software Engineer and Data Visualization Developer Cameron Yick!

This is an online Global DataViz Meetup event, and will be being attended by multiple DataViz Meetup groups from around the globe.

DESCRIPTION (from Cameron): When exploring data, should I chart my data in a spreadsheet, or should I learn to program using R/Python/D3? Data Visualization meetup attendees often ask when to use coding versus "no-code" (GUI, graphical user interface) tools . This question is also on the minds of HCI (human computer interaction) researchers, and anyone who has needed to visualize data at work.

On one side, click-based tools offer speed at the cost of less flexibility. On the other side, coding offers great freedom at the cost of cognitive effort. We should not have to choose one. Teams will benefit from using each approach at different stages. Low code tools bridge the gap by producing files and formats usable by tools at either end. As someone who aims to make data accessible to users from all backgrounds, and a person who can code but is limited on time, I have an interest in tools that combine the strengths of both approaches.

In this talk, I will share several of the free and open source options in this space with you. Attendees will learn about a collection of technologies that bridge the code-click gap, and show a "low floor, high ceiling" approach to choosing data visualization tools. A "low code" approach to data exploration can benefit both professionals and newcomers alike.

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SCHEDULE: (Central time)
5:00 - Group Announcements
5:10 - Cameron Yick - Low Code Data Visualization
6:00 - Q&A

SPEAKER: Cameron Yick is a senior software engineer developing interactive data visualizations and diagrams at Datadog. He contributes to open-source data tool ecosystems including Vega, Nteract, and Datasette. He has presented on topics ranging from "code maps" to civic tech volunteering at open data and software conferences. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Yale University. You can find him online on Twitter or his website.

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Observable & Observable Plot with Robert Kosara

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