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Anti-Aging Science Discussion

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Recently Dr Ilia Stambler published Some potential interventions to ameliorate degenerative aging ( It's basically a list of 18 recent research results that are relevant to an anti-aging agenda. I (Eric) was previously pretty skeptical that science would make much headway on anti-aging in my lifetime, but this article has re-awakened my interest and enthusiasm. But is it bunk?

I propose that we have a science discussion about anti-aging and related transhumanist/philosophy issues. The article actually has footnotes to science papers for each result.

For the meetup, please pick one or two of the 18 items that particularly interests you, and go and read a/the paper in the footnotes. You can then (informally, no slides please) present a brief synopsis to us of the paper, and give your opinion about whether that research is actually "anti-aging" (does it plausibly lead to a pathway to anti-aging effects in humans at some future time, or is that hype?). Please comment below about which items you plan to target (by their item and footnote numbers) so that we can avoid too much overlap. Though it would be interesting to have multiple perspectives, so please don't shy away from an item if you're really interested, just because somebody else has expressed interest...

Also feel free to bring any other papers or articles for discussion, or bring up any topic related to anti-aging that you'd like to discuss.

May you live long, and prosper.