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Day 2 of 5: Bioengineering, bio-production, and painting with bio-pigments

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NOTE: This is a paid event with a limited number of spots, and will sell out quickly. Visit our Eventbrite site to buy your ticket now!

This is a course whose days are spread over a week. What can we say? Sometime biology is slow. It's worth it.

Microbes are used in big industry to make lots of stuff. Small molecules for plastics, rubbers, energy, medicines, and consumer goods. This 5 part course takes you through the entire experience from engineering a microbe to purifying the end-product so that it can be used. In this case, you’re producing bio-pigments and on the last day you will be making art with bio-paint. Participants will be split in two semi-autonomous groups and so if you can’t make every course, a partner can step in for you.

Cost - Visit the Eventbrite site linked above to register! Do-er (do and learn): $75 pp (limit 4)
Shadower (watch and learn): $25 pp (limit 4)

Day of Saturday May 14 @ 1:00 pm (2-3 hours)
-make chemically competent E.coli
-Transform E.coli with DNA so bacteria produce colour pigments
-Plate & incubate transformed bacteria