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DOSUG is a free and open user group studying the applications of open source to business software development. We are revving up our YouTube channel for live-streaming upcoming meetings. You can view some of our previous meetings there now at the link below: please consider subscribing to help out our sponsors :)

https://tinyurl.com/DOSUG-Subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8KSzxg75tuzcn3M4fyWJw?sub_confirmation=1)

We skipped the normal July picnic given the pandemic, but we hope to be in virtual contact with everyone soon!

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Quarkus: Supersonic, Subatomic Java - Jim Tyrrell

Skill Distillery

5:30pm - Food and Networking - Beer and water provided by Caroline Danielson of PeerSource (https://www.mypeersource.com/). - Pizza and soda provided by Braden Colip of Apex Systems (https://www.apexsystems.com/). - Venue provided by Bruce Batky of Skill Distillery (https://skilldistillery.com/) - Video recording by Matt Raible and his troops sponsored by Okta (https://developer.okta.com/) 6:00pm - Quarkus: Supersonic, Subatomic Java - Jim Tyrrell Introducing Quarkus.io. The rise in popularity of the Linux® container as the primary way to package your application seemed like a simple change on the surface. Yet, as we saw with the Java Docker Fail problem, it was not a transition completely without challenges for the Java™ community. Furthermore, we have now seen a number developers at many organizations considering moving to Node.js or Golang to get the performance and tiny memory footprint they need to run in a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can optimize your enterprise Java apps, your APIs, your microservices, and your “serverless functions” for a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment—vastly smaller, vastly faster, and fundamentally more scalable. Jim Tyrrell is a 25 year software veteran. For his entire career he has been a user of Java and has taken those skills to many different organizations. Before Red Hat Jim enjoyed working in small consultancies, large insurance organizations, financial services, product resellers, and manufacturers. For the last 13 years, Jim has worked extensively with Red Hat’s public sector group talking about the advantages of Red Hat Middleware and OpenShift in the context of the United States Federal Government. Jim has also enjoyed being a Top Presenter at several Red Hat Summits, speaking on many different topics via various conferences and webinars, and enjoys being a member of the Office of Chief Technologist. When you can’t find Jim extolling the virtues of Open Source Software on the road or online, you can find him near his home in Boulder, CO enjoying many outdoor actives like mountain biking, snowboarding, or training for his latest chosen sufferfest; any number of many different triathlons. As Jim approaches his 25th anniversary of using and working with Java, he reflects on where Java has been, and where Java is going in. 7:30pm - Giveaways: A one year subscription to AgileLearner provided by Venkat Subramaniam (https://www.agilelearner.com/). JetBrains toolbox license. Two to be given away in April. If you win this door prize, you'll have your choice of an individual subscription to any single JetBrains Toolbox product, including IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm (for JavaScript), or any other tool found here: https://www.jetbrains.com/products.html# --------------- Check out (and subscribe to our new channel) some of our previous presentations on YouTube. Thank you to Matt Raible and Okta (https://developer.okta.com - @oktaDev on Twitter) for sponsoring the video coverage of our events! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8KSzxg75tuzcn3M4fyWJw

JAMStack with Anshuman Purohit

Skill Distillery

JavaScript, APIs, and Markup - Jamstack Details coming soon ...

Michael Carducci - topic to be determined, but expect some magic!

Topic to be announced

DOSUG Meeting

Skill Distillery


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