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1. Improving Work w/ Deliberate Practice, 2. Java Streams
*** NEW LOCATION *** Enterprise Coworking 5500 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Greenwood Village, CO 80111 *** Plenty of free parking. 7 min walk from Orchard Station. *** 5:30pm - Pizza and Networking. - Pizza and soft drinks provided by Ashley Suliman of TEKsystems ( - Beer and water provided by Abbey Overlee of PeerSource ( - $5 Starbucks cards to 10 first-timers provided by Marissa Nolan of Experis ( - Special appreciation to Jay Zimmerman of No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) for helping out with speakers plus the occasional NFJS giveaway ( 6:00pm - Announcements 6:05ish - Practicing to be ~Perfect~ Better: Improving How You Work Through Deliberate Practice by Andy Ennamorato When you learned to read and write, did you spend hours and hours writing individual letters? Now think about learning software development or a new language. Do you type functions and language grammar repetitively? Do you write throwaway code to stretch your skills? In this talk, both beginners and experienced developers will learn about why deliberate practice can improve your performances -- err, pull requests. We'll talk about why and how athletes, comedians and musicians practice before they perform and why the software industry may need similar routines. We'll then put our new knowledge into practice with an overview of technologies that can help us practice without disrupting our daily performances. We'll cover tools like Gatsby, Apex/Up, and to make ideas happen quickly. We'll discuss hackathons and other ways of incorporating practice into team settings. So that you find your own fun methods of practice and improvement. 7:05ish - 7:20ish - Break 7:20ish - Streams, Reactive and Not -- by Nick Samoylov Recent growing amount of the collected data allows applying sophisticated data analysis algorithms, machine learning being one of them, and parallel asynchronous processing. In response to the demand, many languages incorporated new features that increase throughput and performance of an application. New frameworks were created to address The Reactive Manifesto challenge and became the foundation of the powerful systems at the core of such business giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter. By adding streams to the standard libraries, Java moved to the forefront of the languages that stay abreast with the practical needs of the advanced data processing. In this talk we will demonstrate the Java streams processing capabilities and also expand the view to cover the asynchronous reactive processing that uses streams and functional programming as its foundational blocks. Nick Samoylov graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and worked as a theoretical physicist until the USSR collapsed in 1991. Struggling to survive, Nick created and successfully ran a software company, but in 1994 was forced to close it under the pressure of governmental and criminal rackets. In 1999, with his wife Luda and two daughters, he emigrated to the USA and has been living in Colorado since then. He works as a Java programmer and has a lot of experience in each tier – backend, mid- and front-tier. He participated in building a variety of applications in different areas of business, including machine learning predictive modules. Nick is an author and coauthor of multiple books, including the 2017 Java 9 High Performance, 2018 Introduction to Programming, and 2018 Java 11 Cookbook. Links to these and other Nick’s books can be found on,, and Currently, Nick works in CenturyLink on the team that utilizes Vert.x framework to implement microservices for reactive systems. 8:20ish: - JetBrains license giveaway - One free month subscription giveaway for Agile Developer/Agile Learner: practical and efficient videos presented by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam:

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