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We're the Digital Project Management (DPM) Philly Network. We host monthly events for people who manage all things digital.

DPM Philly aims to bring together project managers from the region to network, share war stories, support and mentor each other, and have some fun.

Our goal: to establish a really solid group built for and by the people who manage interactive digital projects.

Our Story

The DPM Philly meetup group started in the Fall of 2011 as a part of Philamade. The group’s founding member, Brett Harned, coaxed the leaders of Philamade to host a “Bring your PM” Happy Hour at Philadelphia’s Frankford Hall. The turnout was legitimate and email addresses were collected, so a small meetup group began under the name “PhilaPM.”

Recent History

Since that initial meetup, the team has hosted several events–from round tables to workshops and happy hours–to modest groups of Philadelphia-based project managers. Brett and Sloan Miller operated the meetups together for two years and put on a handful of successful events. In the Winter of 2013, the planning team expanded to include Justin Handler, and Abby Fretz. At that point, the decision was made to re-brand the group as Philly DPM with a continued dedication to providing meaningful, fun activities for project managers, producers, and account people in the Philadelphia area.

We’re constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities for this community to grow. If you’ve got ideas for events or opportunities for Philly-based digital project managers, please get in touch via the messaging platform here, on Meetup.com. We’d love to hear from you!

You can also follow DPM Philly and connect via:

• Twitter: @dpmphilly

• Slack: dpmphilly.slack.com (message us here, via Meetup for an invite)

Read more about our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/DPM-Philly/about/).

Upcoming events (1)

Presentation: Learn O3 World's Winning Recipe for Blending Agile and Waterfall

You may have heard about the new Blended Project Process Meetup. They're looking for a Philly audience, and we love talking about process, so we're co-promoting this very first event. So please do us a favor and help us get the word out! Come to the first-ever Blended Project Process Meetup and learn from seasoned project managers and leaders who share recipes for their own their blended Agile/Waterfall project processes. This month, get the inside scoop from O3 World’s Head of Accounts Justin Handler on how his team is blending Agile and Waterfall to make a process that works for them. Justin will present his blended recipe, show you behind the scenes of a project or two, and answer your questions. This meetup is all about learning from real projects and practices and discussing what works—and sometimes what doesn't. Agenda: 5:30-6:00 - Arrivals and Networking (Refreshments will be provided) 6:00-7:00 - Presentation and Q&A 7:00-7:30 - Networking — ABOUT THE BLENDED PROJECT PROCESS MEETUP — What we're about Project management and smoothies! Seriously, what's better than that? Come sip on a fresh smoothie as you learn from seasoned project managers and leaders who share their process openly. (We may not serve smoothies at the first, evening event, but we'll certainly have refreshments...maybe other blended ones.) Most people in the real world aren't doing pure Agile or pure Waterfall. They’re blending processes together to make something that actually works for their team and business. If you've ever wondered what others are doing, this is your chance to find out. Go behind the scenes with a new presenter each week, and hear the nitty-gritty details of how their process works and what tools, meetings, and reports they use to help projects succeed. We’ll talk Kanban boards, project schedules, tools, time tracking, meetings, milestones, templates, and more! It’s a great chance to connect with others who are doing similar work and get inspired! The goal is for you to walk away from each meetup with at least one tactical takeaway you can use to improve your team’s process immediately. Do I really get a smoothie when I come to the morning events? Maybe not at our first, evening events, but at our morning meetups you will! The whole concept behind blended project management is that it’s just like a smoothie. Everyone has their own recipe, and different smoothies work for different people. It's the blending of ingredients that makes each smoothie—or project process—right for each person. So, yes, we’ll have an assortment of different smoothie blends ready so you can start your morning right. Why not just use Agile? The message we keep hearing over and over is: “Agile isn't working for my team or company.” So people end up modifying Agile to work for them. In other words, they’re "blending" it—and that's perfectly okay! Everyone’s blending in a different way, so that's where this meetup comes in. The format Each meetup will feature one preselected presenter who will share their project process recipe. Ingredients could be standups, gantt charts, Kanban boards, weekly status meetings, status report templates, etc. Then they’ll explain the ins and outs of how they use these ingredients to form their process. After they present, there will be time for Q&A. How you manage your process is critical to the success of your team, your company, and your career. So come on out and get inspiration from others on ways you can blend your own project process to optimize your wins. The sponsor This new event series is sponsored by TeamGantt (teamgantt.com). We decided to start this meetup because we see a lot of people blending processes and trying to find the best ways to work and the best tools to help. We're excited to start the community in Philadelphia and hope you'll come out and join us.

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