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Women of Data Science
Boston Tech Meetups primarily attract men. QUESTION: How can Tech Meetups attract more women? If you are interested in facilitating a discussion on the topic of Women in Data Science, please reach out to me. If you are interested in joining in a discussion, please RSVP for this event to declare your support. (You will still be required to RSVP for individual events as they are scheduled). I'd like to go on a "listening tour" to get a better appreciation for how to attract and retain female Meetup attendees in the Data Science community. Hopefully the result will be a series of Meetups designed to better serve the female data science community. Best Practices - Open for Debate (comment below or message me privately): Consider events at different times during the day - afternoons, evenings Consider a variety of venues / formats beyond bars / alcohol-centric Foster community by making 'getting to know others at a personal level' a priority for the group Consider a round of introductions, when practical Idea: Icebreaker - Question of the Day? (Not work related) Consider keeping audience sizes small for some presentations. Idea: paired project work? Consider specifying (ahead of time) questions that will be posed to the group, so people don't feel 'put on the spot' Consider ways to allow people to coordinate attendance ahead of time, to ensure each person 'knows somebody' at a Meetup they would consider attending. Idea: Buddy System? But how might you implement it?

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