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Data Science is a broad, fast-moving field; peer-to-peer learning is critical to a successful data science career! Unlike other data science Meetup groups that focus on presenting data science content, this group focuses on optimizing your professional development. Members of this Meetup group will get and give personalized career advice, learn content and receive content recommendations from peers, and intelligently grow their professional network. The most successful practitioners have many mentors and even more mentees. Join us - your career depends on it!

When you join our group - please take the data scientist survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TXR5DKW) to fully participate!

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Data Science Esport with Live Commentary

Online event

A compelling case for being a social data scientist

McGraw-Hill Education Labs

Data Science in Education

McGraw-Hill Education Labs

Pair Data Science - Round 6

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