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Data Science is a broad, fast-moving field; peer-to-peer learning is critical to a successful data science career! Unlike other data science Meetup groups that focus on presenting data science content, this group focuses on optimizing your professional development. Members of this Meetup group will get and give personalized career advice, learn content and receive content recommendations from peers, and intelligently grow their professional network. The most successful practitioners have many mentors and even more mentees. Join us - your career depends on it!

When you join our group - please take the data scientist survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6WB6YN9) to fully participate!

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Lessons Learned Workshop
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Seeking lighting talk presenters for a lessons learned workshop. Tell us a story of something that went awry! What did you do to mitigate, and what did you learn from the experience? There's no such thing as failure - only lessons learned! Send a message to your organizer (Aaron M) to nominate yourself or someone else for a lightning talk! Aaron M

Reflections on Getting Hiring + Employer Pitches
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Just land a new DS job? Contact me to speak on this panel! Tell current job seekers about your experiences and takeaways. Tell employers and recruiters how they should improve the process. Suggested Event Schedule: 6:00p Networking Begins 6:45p Opening Remarks 7:00p "Just Hired" Panel 7:45p Employer 2-minute Pitches 8:10p Networking with Employers

Becoming a Data Scientist
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Trying to break into the field of Data Science can seem like a catch-22. Many job descriptions require at least 2-3 years of prior job experience doing data science and a dizzying array of technical skills, but you are looking for a new job precisely because you want to gain that experience and develop those skills! The goal of this event is to equip you with proven techniques to transform yourself into a Data Scientist. Tentative Agenda: • Common Misconceptions about what it means to be a Data Scientist • The Most Important Attribute of a Data Scientist • Getting a Job as a Data Scientist, the “easy” way • Executing your first data science workflow • How to Learn Any Analytical Technique • Why Every Analyst Should Learn How to Program

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Brainstorm on a Data Science Product

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