Dungeons and Dragons (Elflandea)


Attention actors. There is nothing like role playing to develop your acting talents. Join an established group of players 8-10/ night in an ongoing campaign. Here is the story. The role is yours to play.

The story line for Ellflandea started over 35 years ago in our world. Instead of building a character to 50th level, you can now build your house with 50 characters, think Game of Thrones. Explore Elflandea, Greyhawk, Ancient Greece, Ravenloft and DragonLance. Get lost in a dungeon crawl or enthrall yourself into a story rich in character traits and back story. Learn the lore and history of a game campaign that has spanned decades. Come join us and find out what happens next. Come join us and find out what happens next.

If you are a new players you will get an assigned character to play, once you show up 3x then we can draw you a character or you can keep the assigned one. You don't need to be an experienced player, just try to make an effort to learn and we can all have a fun time. With that said, we love to role play with experienced players more than anything. This is a group of friends that love the game. If you like a good story that is along the lines of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones then you will like our style of play. We are role players not min/max, or rule mongers the system is early edition DnD with later edition home brew.

Please bring a cover dish, we eat together each week is a new theme. Bring dice I have lost some of mine to visitors that borrow them, if you don't have them I sell them for $5. We play in the mid cities area and have an established and fun group. We like players that show up each week and develop their characters.

You can visit Elflandea.com and the following links to know more about the campaign.






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