What we're about

In Dao Society Cambridge, there is a monthly Dao class/meeting where we welcome anyone who have interests in recognising the True-Self and the true meaning/purpose of the limited life that we have, and ultimately, to realise the answer to the Truth.

In Dao Society Cambridge, we welcome different religions, beliefs, philosophy, etc... in our monthly discussion as we do believe that life itself is originally equal and initially purified.

The core of Dao Society Cambridge is to pave the way for everyone to be back on the right path in order to realise where does life come from, and the root of all life.

To see through the manifestation of each life form before it becomes, with no reification nor disparagement.

Past events (39)

Ourselves & our Trueself - June 2022

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The Home of the Mind - May

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Dao Blessing Month – April

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