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In Dao Society Cambridge, there is a monthly Dao class/meeting where we welcome anyone who have interests in recognising the True-Self and the true meaning/purpose of the limited life that we have, and ultimately, to realise the answer to the Truth.

In Dao Society Cambridge, we welcome different religions, beliefs, philosophy, etc... in our monthly discussion as we do believe that life itself is originally equal and initially purified.

The core of Dao Society Cambridge is to pave the way for everyone to be back on the right path in order to realise where does life come from, and the root of all life.

To see through the manifestation of each life form before it becomes, with no reification nor disparagement.

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Monthly Dao Class - May: The Essence of Heart Sutra

Cambridge Central Library, Meeting Room 3, Level 3

Dear Members, I hope you are all well and blessed 😊 For a fuller life, graced with well-being, we are encouraged to reason our own existence and hopefully to encounter the Answer that satisfies our wonder. That doesn't sound easy and it won't come easily either as life itself has been described and proved as miracle and intelligent by ourselves, so how could we expect to figure out the answer to this fantastic living matter without having any setbacks? Lucky us, as a modern Dao cultivator, we have more helps than we need to help us suffer less and more ways to reveal our perception to the Truth. This month, we are set to find out, to have a glance of the essence of Heart Sutra, to shower in its wisdom that was obtained and released back to all the sentient beings by Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara 1,300 years ago. Heart Sutra is the most frequently used and recited text in the entire Mahayana tradition and famously known for its core teaching - the Emptiness. However, in this emptiness, there appears to have the non-emptiness exist in emptiness itself. Is this the paradoxical message in this particular teaching or we just haven't got the right wisdom to comprehend this one of the most crucial sutras in Prajnaparamita Sutras? There are only 260 words in Heart Sutra, however, 260 word count does not make it the easiest to understand, in fact, Heart Sutra has been acknowledged to be the most divine yet complicated sutra to study. The teachings of the Heart Sutra are deep and subtle, in order to understand the actual words of it, we start from realising the immaculate and invisible emptiness within us. 😉 Main discussion: Why does Heart Sutra indicate that all phenomena are empty when everything we can see in this secular world is not empty at all? What fundamental basis did Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara stand when giving out this statement? Which world was Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara talking about? Please feel free to join our discussion and bring along your friends with you if you wish 😊 Thanks. See you all Saturday.

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Monthly Dao Class - April: Our Life v.s. Our Cultivation

Cambridge Central Library, Meeting Room 3, Level 3

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