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RSVP here: https://nvite.com/NeuroViz/d632


RSVP here: https://nvite.com/NeuroViz/d632

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Mini Hack

Visualizing Feedback of Brain Networks

Data Viz challenge:

We are a team at National Institutes of Health developing a neurofeedback platform of whole brain networks. The output of our data gives us binary information every 2 seconds (either correct or incorrect brain state). We have a few brain computer interfaces developed, but we really need some creative help in thinking up dynamic stimuli that maintain attention over the course of 10 minute neurofeedback scans.

Sara Kimmich (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarakimmich/) will provide a brief overview of how we are using this technology and it's constraints, then lead into a discussion of what types of visualization might be best to implement for this data. Below is a quick example of our current stimulus, but we are currently trying to develop a more gamified feedback of flying through space.

Creative ideas encouraged!

An example of our current design is available here:

Bio: Sara is a graduate student in the UCL-NIMH Joint Doctoral Program. She works with Dr. Bandettini at NIMH to improve real-time signal processing for neurofeedback, a non-invasive neurotherapy that allows subjects to gain control of their own brain responses via feedback of their brain activation. ​


6:30 - Challenge Presentation

7:00 - Hacking begins

8:00 - presents its thoughts and ideas

9 PM - Data Drinks

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