The Panama Papers: Visualizing International Corruption

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The Panama Papers represent one of the world's largest data leaks in history: 11.5 million records exposing a system that enables crime, corruption, and wrongdoing, hidden by secretive offshore companies. Over 400 journalist members of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) worked for a year mining and investigating the data stored in a Neo4j graph database. This resulted in the resignation of the PM of Iceland, Supreme Court hearings for Pakistan's PM, the arrest of people money laundering for Mexican drug cartels, and plenty of more investigations and regulatory reforms.

In this talk, Ryan Boyd will demonstrate how Neo4j graph database powered this investigation, showing queries and visualizations highlighting the relationships between offshore companies, corporate officers, law firms and addresses. He'll use the Neo4j Sandbox to show you how you too can dive into the data which has been opened up by the ICIJ for the world to investigate. You'll learn to write basic Cypher queries for finding nodes, relationships, and paths. We'll also provide an intro to how Graph Algorithms in the APOC open source library can help better understand the networks in the Panama Papers data.


630 - Door Open & Networking

700 - Introductions & Announcements

715 - Ryan Boyd & The Panama Papers

815 - Q&A

830 - Data Drinks @ Highline

About Ryan Boyd

Ryan is a San Francisco-based software engineer, authNZ geek, data geek and graph geek. He's Director of Developer Relations for Neo4j, an open source graph database which powers connected data analysis in data journalism, cancer resource, and some of the world's top companies. Prior to Neo4j, he was Head of Developer Relations for Google Cloud Platform and worked on over 20+ different APIs and developer products during his 8 years at Google. Ryan is the author of "Getting Started with OAuth 2.0," published by O'Reilly. He no longer skydives now that he has a young daughter, but enjoys the adventures of sailing and cycling.

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