Viz Hack for Social Good with World Resources Institute

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Viz for Social Good (, founded and run by Chloe Tseng (Senior Data Analyst at Twitter) is a platform for data viz enthusiasts interested in using their skills for a cause. They aspire to increase social awareness, and empower mission-driven organizations, through beautiful and informative visualizations.

Pragyansmita Nayak will introduce Viz for Social Good, including its past and current projects. The highlight of the evening is a "Viz Jam" on an ongoing project with World Resources Institute (WRI). Participants will be provided a dataset from WRI to explore and visualize. All are free to use any visualization tool of their liking, and are welcome to share their work at the end of the Jam.

Meetup attendees are encouraged to review the data-set, branding guide, rules and regulations of this project:

Participation process:
• Submit your visualization on Twitter with a hashtag #VizForSocialGood on or before Sept 17.

• WRI picks one or more visualizations, and uses the viz on its communication channels (e.g. website, social media, publication, newsletter).

Happy jamming!


6:45 Food and Networking

7:10 Announcements

7:20 Pragyansmita Nayak will introduce Viz for Social Good, and present tonight's Data Jam with WRI.

7:40 Q&A and Data Jam

8:30 Data drinks


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