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DC Data Viz Challenge
Join your fellow data visualizers on Tuesday December 5th for the DC Data Viz Challenge with Charlie Thompson as you work in teams utilizing machine learning, graphic design, and UI & UX expertise, to hack together the ultimate playlist from Spotify’s API.

Charlie is an Analytics Specialist at Storyblocks. He uses A/B testing and machine learning to discover how customers find and use their stock media website. Also, a freelance RShiny developer, he builds data visualization apps for Summit Consulting. Combining data science with his love of music, he writes tutorials and random analyses about R and music on his blog at
Come out and use your coding, stats, and design skills to become DC’s first Data Science DJ! But that’s not all … returning for his second DVDC presentation Erik Lenderman returns with his brain mapping project that has worked with several brain mapping data visualization laboratories to train executives to boost their brainwaves for better performance in the boardroom and beyond to resemble the brains of highly adept Monks, Yogis, and Nuns from many traditions have displayed high performance characteristics associated with high levels of executive attention, peace, well-being, and awareness... find out about Erik at (

In Erik’s segment of hack-a-thon you’ll Map your Brain with Data Visualization tools and learn how to train your brainwaves through visual and auditory cues. Learn about the Z-Score database and how your brain may be mapped and trained through computer algorithms that determine where your brain performance falls on a bell curve. These brainwave patterns have been mapped and may be trained through modern computer data visualization tools.


6:30 Food & Networking with Mentor / Mentees
7:00 Charlie Thompson
7:15 Erik Lenderman 7:30
Hackathon 8:30 Data Drinks

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• What to bring
Laptops, Code, Thirst for Beer.