DataTalks #3: Dive into Data Science with Python

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DataTalks ( #3: Dive into Data Science with Python

Our third meetup will tackle the use of Python for data science using two different approaches. The talks will be given in Hebrew, will require only basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics or machine learning theory, and can be used as a short introduction to doing data science with Python.

Language: Hebrew

Location: Neura's offices, El Al 2, Herzliya


• 18:00 - 18:15 - Gathering, snacks, mingling

• 18:15 - 18:20 - Opening words

• 18:20 - 19:10 - First talk:
Yoav Ram, Stanford - Dive into Scientific Python

• 19:10 - 19:20 - A short break

• 19:20 - 20:00 - Second talk:
Shay Palachy, Neura - Quick & dirty data science in Python

==== Talk #1 ===

Speaker: Yoav Ram, Stanford
Title: Dive into Scientific Python
Abstract: I will introduce the Python programming language and demonstrate how Scientific Python can be used to study evolutionary theory using mathematical and computational models. We'll see how to run fast evolutionary simulations with NumPy and Cython, analyze and visualize simulation results with Pandas and Seaborn, and find solutions to evolutionary models using SciPy. This talk is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Scientific Python through actual research-based examples, as well as an occasion to to discover how theoretical evolutionary biologists approach their research.

Materials will be uploaded here:

==== Talk #2 ===

Speaker: Shay Palachy, Neura
Title: Quick & dirty data science in Python
Abstract: In this talk I will present a classification challenge we had at Neura, and how we tackled it, using the simplest machine learning tools and some dirty heuristics to get a working system with good results in a short amount of time.

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