IEEE-CIS Fraud Detection Summary & ASHRAE - Great Energy Predictor III Kickoff!


Kaggle-IL Meetup #6 by DataHack,
Hosted by Yotpo.

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Current competition : ASHRAE - Great Energy Predictor III.
Predicting hourly meter readings from buildings around the world.

18:00 - Gathering
18:30 - Summary & Takeaways: IEEE-CIS Fraud Detection - Yam Peleg
19:00 - Advanced cross validation strategies - Yam Peleg
19:30 - Kickoff: ASHRAE - Great Energy Predictor III - Shay Palachy
20:00 - Kaggle IL teams setup & helping people find groups
20:05 - Let's break the Leaderboard!!

The event will be hosted at Yotpo meetup space :
Rival St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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* Submit a solution (even a trivial one) to the meetup's Kaggle competition.
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Additional information about Kaggle-IL by DataHack
* Come and work together (or alone) on a live, on-going Kaggle competition.
* Receive (if you want it) mentoring and tips & tricks from Kaggle masters, Kaggle Days (Paris) competition winners and top Israeli competitive ML dogs and experts.
* Be a part of the first Israeli community in the field of competitive machine learning.
* Share knowledge with other experts around competitive ML and learn bleeding edge ML techniques by studying Kaggle Kernels and hearing talks from Kaggle Masters.