READ THIS: Attendance Guidelines

DataScience SG
DataScience SG
Public group
RSVP opens
Tuesday, December 30, 2025
6:45 PM

Needs a location


Hi everyone. Yes, we've heard your complaints about people rsvping and not showing up, and how there's space at the venue but no more rsvp slots. To resolve this, we seek your help with taking attendence at the events:

- For members who RSVP and no-show, they will receive -1 point. (RSVPs close 48 hrs before the event--please cancel your rsvp before this)
- For members who RSVP and show, they will receive +1 point.
- E.g., Bill RSVPs for 3 meetups. He shows up for only 1. Thus, he gets (-1) + (-1) + (+1) = -1 point.
- Members who have < -3 points will be banned.
- Members who have > 10 points will get VIP and can attend meetups without RSVP for a year
- Please approach our committee members to take your attendance. Thank you!