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Data Works MD consists of professionals, students, and enthusiasts living and working in the Maryland area that are interested in topics related to data science, data analytics, data products, software engineering, machine learning, and other data engineering topics.
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Online: Data Analysis with Cyber Security

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Join us in August as discuss how data analysis can help with cyber security. This will be an online presentation featuring demonstrations of several tools used for cyber security data analysis.


6:00 PM -- Greetings!
6:30 PM -- Data Analysis for Cyber Security -- Jackson Welch
7:30 PM -- Closings

Zoom and YouTube

Data Analysis for Cyber Security
As large-scale networks become more complicated, new requirements for data collection can be impacted in an office environment. In this talk, we will discuss several of the tools used to perform analysis and manipulation of network data for use by analysts. We will be working with Zeek, Yet Another Flowmeter, Pandas, Docker, and scikit-learn ML models.

Jackson graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Spring 2021 with an undergrad in Cyber Security and a Masters in Business. He worked for Northrop Grumman for over four years while in college where he learned cutting-edge technology in the world of cyber. He now works for Erias Ventures where he is a Data Engineer and focuses on machine learning, data science, and data analytics with respect to cyber security for DHS. He is also an adjunct professor at the school of IT at the University of Cincinnati. Jackson can be reached at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackson-welch-b8109b12a/

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